Remnant Service by Work-tops in Detail

Remnant Service by Work-tops in Detail

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We at Work-Tops have been running our free offcut programme under the name of Remnant Service for quite a while now. This article is for those readers that are not familiar with this word as well as those that are looking for offcuts for their projects.

Before Moving Ahead, Let’s Ask you a Genuine Question, ‘Do you know What Remnants are?’

Remnant service

(No worries, even if you don’t, this term is not so familiar amongst people yet). A remnant in the stone industry refers to odd pieces of stones or smaller fractions left out from the gigantic slabs (marble slab, granite slab, quartz slab) which can be utilized for relatively smaller projects. In simple terms, they are leftover stone materials from previous fabrication or building projects. They are the remaining portion of a material, hence the name, remnants.

It is searched for by several other names like half-cut, offcuts, offcut, cut offs, part slabs, remainder stones, excess material, etc.

What Sizes do Offcuts/Remnants Come in?

They do not have a standard dimension and can be available in any size, depending on the situation and/or process that created them. Since quartz worktops are getting quite popular in demand amongst the homeowners, there are also a lot of quartz offcuts near me that have piled up at the stonemasons and fabricators. You can now easily buy any stone offcut of your choice using our Remnant Service.




1540 x 80030mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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Blaze Off-Cut

Blaze Off-Cut


1410 x 105020mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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Blanco Zeus Quartz Off-Cut

Blanco Zeus Quartz Off-Cut


1440 x 1100 20mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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How are Offcuts Created, and Where can you Use Them?

offcuts stones

In some cases, remnants are created by the mishandling of larger stone slabs. During loading and unloading of bulky slabs for projects, accidental breakages occur, which lead to them breaking into smaller fractions, or sometimes developing noticeable cracks. These slabs then get ignored and get stored in some corner. In other cases, offcuts are created after the completion of a project. For example, when kitchen splashbacks and kitchen worktops are part of a project, the stone slab is measured and cut according to the required measurements. The remaining portion of the slab thus becomes an offcut. All these stone pieces, though smaller in size, still have the value in them to be utilized for numerous situations. Rather than piling them up in the warehouses, the stone suppliers, as well as stonemasons in possession of those, can supply to the right buyer in need of them so that they can be repurposed.

Upscale Ordinary Kitchen Island with Worktop Offcuts

All you have to do is take your stone offcut and instruct your fabricator to align the stone offcut in the centre of your wooden worktop or table. Next moment, you have a statement design for your kitchen already created with minimal expenses.

Do you need a Soap Holder for Your Kitchen Sink with Tap?

You can use granite as well as quartz as they are fairly non-porous and can be used in your sink area for holding your soap bar.

Marble for Rolling your Dough

Marble surfaces are cool by nature so, if you have marble offcuts, now you know where to use them, right?

Use Granite as Coasters for your Quartz Worktops

Modify your granite half cuts and use them as heat coasters to place cups with hot beverages and hot pans and pots from the oven. Protect your tables and add some flair to your decor, make your dining or personal space look stylish with these stone coasters.

Design Unique Kitchen Splashbacks

Collect all broken stone slabs from your basement, from your neighbours, as well as stonemason that live nearby you. You will now be left with a varied range of stone colours in different shapes and sizes. Just take out some hours from your schedule and sit to systematically arrange. Once you have a design in mind, create a pattern and take a picture of it.  Call your fabricator if you are crafty and confident enough, cut them into sizes such that they can be joined together. Within the next few hours, you have your tiled splashback ready!!

50+ ways to use Worktop Offcuts you Get through Our Remnant Service!


  1. Upcycling

    remnant service - upcycling

  1. Use granite offcuts and marble offcuts to upgrade your ordinary furniture into something valuable.

  2. You can replace the top of those old pieces of furniture with stone offcuts. This method of upcycling will drastically increase the value of your assets and make your ordinary tool look luxurious with almost no money spent.

  3. If you have an old coffee table with great legs, spruce it up with a slab of granite or quartz. Design your old one into a retro wooden coffee table into a revitalised centrepiece.

  1. Bathroom Settings

    bathroom setting - remnant service

  1. Stone soap dish: Create a new look for your bathroom, design a rectangular chunky shape with inner ridges to allow your soap to drain away any excess water after use. It is eco-friendly and a long-lasting one for your bathroom. Other bathroom situations where stone offcuts can be used are mentioned further

  2. Vanity tops

  3. Sinks

  4. shower ledges

  5. Soap trays

  6. Floating shower benches

  7. Bath stools

  8. Exquisite mirror frames

  9. Storage shelves

  10. Stylish sinks, etc. 

  1. Kitchen Settingskitchen setting - remnant service

  1. Granite Coasters: These coasters are perfect for hot or cold drinks. Protect your tables and add some flair to your decor, make your dining or personal space look stylish with these stone coasters.

  2. Chopping boards: If you have a few remnant pieces from your quartz worktops installation, you can instruct your fabricator to cut them into smaller usable sizes according to your requirement. While you can not only have it for your chopping but can roll out dough on it while creating cookies and other delicacies.

  3. Stone Cheese Platter: Cheese should always be served in style, so why not serve a stone cheese platter? Depending on your taste, you can go for a rustic look with jagged edges or a sleek look with straight edges.

  4. Kitchen countertops & kitchen islands: Combine portions of your offcuts in between your existing counters to create statement designs. Other kitchen situations where stone offcuts can be used are mentioned further

  5. Racks

  6. Cabinets

  7. Stone dining tables

  8. Kitchen trays

  9. Kitchen windowsill

  10. Kitchen upstands

  11. Pastry rolling boards, etc.

  1. Other Indoor Uses:indoor setting

  1. Build a mini pizza table for yourself

  2. Creative candle holders

  3. Lamp or candle base

  4. Book racks

  5. Mini shelf

  6. Clock frames

  7. Mantlepiece

  8. Indoor fire hearths

  9. Tabletops

  10. Decorative tables

  11. Desktops

  12. Coffee tables

  13. DIY walls

  14. Tablet stands

  15. Framing a sink

  16. Ashtrays

  17. House nameplates, etc.

  1. Repair

In some situations, when you break a small portion of your kitchen countertops/other worktops/flooring/walls etc; you can easily buy the offcut utilising our Remnant Service Programme to fix it instead of spending a huge sum on the entire renovation.

  1. Outdoor Settings: outdoor setting

Stone offcuts can be utilised in multiple ways outside of a home too. Some situations where they will be useful are mentioned below:

  1. Garden walkways

  2. Stepping stones

  3. Ground-fixed bird baths

  4. Hanging bird baths

  5. Bird feeders

  6. Vases

  7. Flower pots

  8. Pot stands

  9. Outdoor entertainment area

  10. Outdoor fire pits

  11. Patios

  12. Outdoor barbeque areas, etc




1400 x 84530mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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1740 x 53030mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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Calacatta ORO OFF-CUT

Calacatta ORO OFF-CUT


1710 x 94030mmedges unfinished collection only… read more

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What type of Stone Offcuts are available through our Remnant Service Programme?

  1. Granite offcuts

  2. Quartz offcuts
  3. Marble offcuts
  4. Porcelain offcuts
  5. Slate offcuts
  6. Quartzite offcuts
  7. Limestone offcuts
  8. Travertine offcuts

Since offcuts can be a result of material mishandling, fabrication of leftovers and various other reasons, there is no limit to the variety of stones for which offcuts can be available. It can be sheer luck too. Sometimes your nearest stonemason might have every worktop offcut of your desire from engineered stones like quartz worktop offcuts to those from natural stones like marble worktop offcuts. Whereas, other times it might take you months rummaging through all of your contacts looking for a particular worktop offcut trying to find the exact piece to match your existing material. 

Why did start Remnant Service Programme?

Besides larger kitchen renovation projects that include kitchen worktops and splashback installation, there are plenty of situations where a comparatively smaller portion of stone can easily be used in place of a new, full stone slab to complete the tasks. However, if homeowners do not have the right person to go to for half-cut stones, they will be compelled to expend a huge sum of money for a new stone slab. We at work-tops have thus tried to minimise various problems faced by homeowners in finding the right offcut. This will especially be helpful if you are trying to find a stone that matches the existing material with an aim to fix your damaged worktops, flooring, or other similar smaller kitchen renovation plans. We aim to make home renovations budget-friendly and feasible for all homeowners and to help sellers create value for otherwise ignored material, with our Remnant Service Programme.  

By utilisation of half cuts, we want to contribute towards environmental sustainability and make sure that the stones are utilized to their maximum extent before considering them useless. A huge number of offcuts are dumped into the landfills every year because people want to get rid of their piled-up stocks which are not demanded by anyone because of a lack of available information. So, this programme is our contribution with the aim to minimize the hazards created by the stone industry. We do not charge any money to trade members of the stone and worktop industry for listing, displaying, and selling their offcuts through our website. In fact, we even carry out promotional activities for these. We encourage readers of this article to be a part of this Programme so that we help convert somebody’s waste into another’s input. If you are interested in creating a value for your abandoned left-outs just email us and we will guide you through.

Caesarston White Attica Off-Cut

Caesarston White Attica Off-Cut


1640 x 750 30mm unpolished edges… read more

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Kairos Off-Cut

Kairos Off-Cut


1410 x 105020mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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Grey Reflection Off-Cut

Grey Reflection Off-Cut


1970 x 59030mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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Do We Charge Any Fees?

To the Sellers:

As mentioned previously, this Remnant Service Programme is a Free of Cost service for traders in the Stone and Kitchen Industry. So, for displaying and selling the stones we do not charge a single penny, except if the payment is made through our gateway, the bank transaction fee is levied.

To the Buyers:

For those offcuts that are already listed by our registered trade members on our Website, no service money will be levied from the buyer. They can directly contact the seller with the respective details displayed and pay them for the offcut of their choice.

For situations when buyers reach out to us looking for those half cuts that are not displayed on our readily available display page, they can place an order through our Stone Finding Service by paying an advance amount of £50 which is our “Stone Finding Fee”. 

Grey Metallic Off-Cut

Grey Metallic Off-Cut


1420 x 105020mm… read more

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Nonna Mystico Off-Cut

Nonna Mystico Off-Cut


1820 x 620 30mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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Frosty Carina Off-Cut

Frosty Carina Off-Cut


1610 x 58530mmedges unfinishedcollection only… read more

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Why Do We Charge for our Remnant Service?

Unlike new slabs, half cuts are not in the readily available section and are not easy to locate. They are usually present in the ignored location of the warehouses, stacked by numerous piles of slabs above them. The sellers invest all of their time and manual labour in a quest to confirm the half-cut of your choice. We here at work-tops also invest our time into contacting all the sellers within a 50 miles radius of your location to procure the stone for you. It must be understood that it takes some days to confirm the material. After all the dedication, some customers turn up to us saying they do not require it anymore, or that they do not revert back to our emails. So, to compensate for the basics, we charge this minimum amount as a part of our "Stone Finding Fee" under the Remnant Service Programme. £50 from the customer's bank will be withheld for 14 days. In case, we fail to procure within 2 weeks, the money will be returned back to the customer. Upon finding the material, the amount of the remnant levied by the seller will be adjusted within the £50 deposited or with an additional amount if the price exceeds.  

However, in cases where the customers do not return back to us after procuring the material, the £50 amount paid as a deposit will be charged.

Submit the below-mentioned credentials for successful procurement. Credentials submitted by the customer for procuring the material will be used following the GDPR policy.

Customer’s Name:

Full Contact Details (with email):

Full address:

Material Name/Image/Alternate Choices:





No. of slabs: 

P.s. The readers are informed that none of the content available on any of the pages of should be taken as legal advice and that Work-tops will not be held accountable for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages.

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