1. Stock Availability and Accuracy: All materials showcased on our website are subject to stock availability. While we strive to maintain accurate stock counts, occasional discrepancies may occur. If we are unable to fulfil all items at the time of purchase, we will promptly get in touch to discuss whether you prefer to await restocking for the backordered item or if you would like us to proceed with a refund. Additionally, the content featured on our website is sourced from various channels and is subject to change without prior notice. This includes alterations to products, programs, offerings, pricing, and technical information. Despite our efforts to maintain accuracy, occasional technical errors may occur. We are committed to providing reliable and up-to-date information, and in the event of any discrepancies or technical issues, we appreciate your understanding and patience

  2. Communication: Our official communication channels include email, call, or official WhatsApp. In the rare event that you do not hear from us within 2 business days of placing your order, we kindly request you email to inquire about your order status. Such delays could potentially be attributed to unforeseen technical errors, and we appreciate your prompt notification to ensure a swift resolution.

  3. Order Processing Timeframes: Orders are typically processed within 1 business day, excluding Friday after 2 pm, weekends, and holidays after the customer’s payment and confirmation are received. It is crucial to emphasise that we do not process orders before communicating with the customer at least once for final confirmation. We believe in ensuring clarity and confirming all relevant details with our customers before proceeding with the order. This practice helps us deliver a seamless and accurate service.
  4. Standard Delivery Timeframes: Most orders are delivered to customers within 7-10 business days, depending on the location
  5. Special OrdersSpecial Orders like International stocks or premium batches, do not fall within the Standard Delivery Timeframes. The approximate delivery date will be informed to the customer within 7-10 business days following order confirmation. All Special Orders are subject to higher shipping costs, depending on order details.
  6. Material Delivery: All customers opting for delivery of slab and bulk products agree to have:
    1. Unloading Facility: Equipment to unload the materials, including but not limited to forklift and A-frames, ensuring a smooth and safe delivery.
    2. Access Clearance: Delivery location provides unobstructed access for the delivery vehicle and personnel, facilitating a smooth and safe unloading process.
    3. Special Instructions for Homeowners: If the customer placing an order for a raw material delivery is a homeowner, they must provide the full company details and the delivery address of their fabricator where delivery is to be organised. This information should be communicated by sending an email to If a different address was initially provided during the enquiry, homeowners must promptly clarify and update the above-mentioned details to to confirm the order. It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure compliance with the Mandatory Requirements and shall not be held responsible for any issues arising from the customer’s negligence.
  7. Self-Collection: All customers opting for self-collection of materials from our warehouse agree to have appropriate facilities/vehicles to load, transport, and unload the material and are aware of the safety standards. shall not be held responsible for material breakage, safety hazards, and any other issues arising from customer’s negligence.
  8. Address Changes: Customers must communicate requests regarding the change of delivery address within one hour of order confirmation using our official communication methods. Such requests may impact the delivery date and cost, depending on the location. Any requests for address changes after the delivery has been scheduled on our side will incur additional costs. 
  9. Warranty: All warranties and guarantees provided are subject to the terms outlined by the manufacturer.
  10. Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with regulations about emissions production, noise levels, and safety standards falls under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Government.
  11. Remnants: 
    1. Our Remnants page displays remnant slabs, also known as offcuts, half-cut slabs, half-cuts, etc. The stock on the page may not be the latest update, so it is advisable to contact us for stock availability.
    2. For Remnants that are not listed, interested customers can use our Offcut Form
    3. For all remnant services, please be notified that the procuring and confirmation may take 4-6 weeks, as we need to check in our multiple yards. This does not guarantee that the offcut will be available.
    4. Customers who choose to purchase the listed remnants directly from the seller must know that Work-tops is not, in any way, responsible for order fulfillment, be it quality, quantity, delivery terms, payment terms, safety concerns, or any other process related, as we will just be a platform. In case of any grievances in such cases, the matter must be communicated to the seller of that particular Remnant.
    5. If the payment for the remnant is done using our payment gateway, the seller of the remnant will be charged 5% of the total invoice as a part of our bank transaction fee.