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Terrazzo worktops are not only aesthetically pleasing choices you make for your kitchens and bathrooms but also a green and sustainable choice. Terrazzo slabs are manufactured by use of broken marble, granite and quartz pieces, making them an environment-friendly choice for installations. Because they are extremely durable and require little care, these slabs are utilised for both residential and commercial establishments. Our materials have been doing incredibly well with our consumers, and we attribute them to the innovative colours, designs, and formats made available by the industry. These slabs allow for flexible design arrangements based on what individuals desire. The benefits of installing Terrazzo worktops and areas where these slabs can be used are covered in detail in the sections that follow. Learn More

Terrazzo Allows Having A Funky Worktop Colour

Terrazzo slabs are the opposite of boring designs. One has multiple opportunities to play with the fun element of these slabs and make interesting interior designs. The slabs have all colours, right from the deepest black to the lightest white. We will read in the upcoming sections where these slabs can be installed.

Uses Of Terrazzo Slabs

Terrazzo Kitchen Worktop

A Terrazzo worktop, as mentioned in the beginning, is one of the most sustainable choices to make for one's property. Additionally, these eco-friendly slabs will ensure that your worktop will remain the most beautiful-looking asset in your entire home. Durability-wise, they will last for about a decade with proper care and maintenance.

Terrazzo Kitchen Splashback

The wide variety of colours in the Terrazzo slabs makes the splashback a focal point in an interior space. If you have a dull and basic-looking kitchen, installing a terrazzo splashback is the best renovation. Upon doing this, we get a functional as well as visually attractive interior design.

Terrazzo Table Tops

If you are planning on having a coffee table, study table, pizza table, or any other table tops for homes as well as offices and commercial places, a terrazzo slab is one good choice to make. These table tops make your room look engaging and interactive with their playful colours. So it is not just Terrazzo worktops that are noteworthy.

Terrazzo Bathrooms

It is not necessary that a bathroom must be conventionally white. Unlike classic mono-colour choices, a mixed-colour bathroom looks funky and stylish. The colour of the terrazzo also makes it easy for stains to be hidden. However, if you want a conventional colour choice, Grigio Carnico Terrazzo is a good one to pick.

Terrazzo Slab in Public Spaces

Public lavatories, health centres, schools, airports, malls, outdoor floors, pavements, pathways, swimming pools, hotels, cafes, offices, and similar other high-traffic areas are popular spaces where we can see terrazzo installations. The highly enduring nature of these slabs makes them a perfect choice for these floorings and walls.

We Have Honed Terrazzo Slabs

Matt or honed finish terrazzo worktops are smooth to the touch. Unlike gloss finish, these do not seem too flashy. Honed finish terrazzo makes a space look subtle and elegant.

Benefits Of Terrazzo Worktop Offered By

Antibacterial Countertops

The regular liquid spills and accidents that occur in a kitchen are not an issue because these slabs are made to have almost zero permeability. For homeowners who have occupied schedules, this is a huge benefit because it eliminates the need for extra maintenance and cleaning. In reality, maintaining the kitchen becomes a lot simpler.


As these slabs are highly durable and long-lasting, once installed, they last more than a decade with proper care, saving one lot of fortune. These worktops are thus a wise choice for kitchens.


As Terrazzo worktops stand strong in one property for about a lifetime, it is an environmentally sound decision. The fact they are recycled slabs from chipped and broken marble and granite makes them a highly sustainable choice to make and contributes towards a greener earth.

Outdoor Friendly

Since there is no chance of discolouration or fading, these slabs can also be used in locations where direct sunshine is present. Thus, one can design outdoor dining areas and kitchens with Terrazzo countertops.

Trendy Style

Terrazzo slabs are unique as compared to classic marble and granite slabs, and these thus create trendy-looking spaces. The kitchens and bathrooms that use terrazzo worktops ooze a happening vibe.

Heat Bearer

Terrazzo worktops are quite heat resistant, which qualifies them for use on splashbacks and kitchen worktops that are close to the hob, grill and/or other heating appliances. One won't experience any issues even when one chooses to work without a heat mat. The terrazzo countertop can be securely left with a hot object on it without the fear of discolouration and burning.

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