Material, Service, and Payment Policies

  1. The prices of our products are inclusive of VAT.
  2. Any material samples provided for the above contract will be subject to colour and tonality variation based on current material stock. Samples are provided to give a general indication of colour and appearance and may not be from current stock or batch. We recommend viewing current stock before cutting commences. We, therefore, will not be held responsible for colour & tonality variation if the job is approved only from samples.
  3. For customers not using the services from our registered fabricators for templating, templates/construction drawings are to be supplied by them free of charge. But the customer is responsible for any discrepancy.
  4. Measurements taken by our templating team on-site will be regarded as final for the fabrication process. Any alterations made by the customer after templating are their responsibility, and they will be held accountable for any mismatches that may arise. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all necessary details be communicated by the customer at the time of the templating process.
  5. Any additional on-site requirements, even if minimal, can impact the initial estimate. Please note that all prices are subject to change upon receiving complete working drawings and/or templates from our Template team.
  6. For insurance compliance, only personnel can conduct on-site installations. Customers are requested to refrain from interacting with our operatives outside of's framework, throughout the project's duration. This ensures adherence to insurance protocols and maintains a professional service delivery. will not be liable for any issues arising from external contacts.
  7. 100% of the value of the goods shall be invoiced if cancellation occurs after the material has been ordered from our International supplier and/or production and/or manufacture has commenced.

Payment Terms

  1. Our payment policies allow the buyer to make the payment in three different halves, the details of which shall be shared during the time we provide the customer with an invoice. 
  2. We accept payments made by BACS and Card.