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Kitchen Clearance

Kitchen Clearance Ranges, you can build your dream Kitchen for less. With up to 50%off on a wide range of products, including the kitchen fabrication and installation service, create a beautiful high-quality kitchen that will last. So take a look at our kitchen clearance stock now before someone else gets away with the one you want. Learn more 

£349.63 | £425.00

£424.70 | £486.00

£424.70 | £486.00

£312.85 | £326.00

£433.81 | £485.00

£309.33 | £354.21

£335.20 | £410.00

£337.89 | £580.00

£351.59 | £600.00

Kitchen Worktops Sale

Work-tops offers the homeowners as well as stonemasons and fabricators within the UK and Ireland, a multitude of material choices. Work-tops offers more than 10 surface materials. By making these many numbers of material options, we want to make sure that no kitchen mason or fabricator has to give up on their clients’ projects. Also, on the other hand, we hope to help homeowners with all personalities by helping them find something to suit their taste. We at Work-tops give our customers some excellent kitchen bargains and specials all year round. See what deals & discounts we currently have for you below. 

Slab Sales Near Me

Work-tops is located at Cambridge, but buyers within a larger range can enjoy sales on stone slabs of various materials. Whether you are based in Cornwall or Caithness, if you are looking for a kitchen flat sale, you have successfully manifested it, congratulations! Email us to check, if you can avail this offer. Though offer applies on selected materials only, we have these wide range of stones if you want to check out:  Granite, Marble, Quartz, COMPACQuartz, Terrazzo, Obsidiana, Quartzite, Limestone, Porcelain, Slate, Travertine

Check Out The Collection

Our stone collections are suitable for kitchen countertops, floorings, bathroom surfaces, interior wall cladding as well as gardens and patios.

How to choose the best material for kitchen countertops? What are the different types of kitchen layouts? Check out this article to get an idea about these.

Kitchen Sale On 2022

Save 50% when you purchase stones along with kitchen installation with our kitchen flat sale 2022. Whatever your kitchen style, be it timeless and traditional or sleek and contemporary, you’ll save half the price on the total cost of your kitchen worktop installation.

Kitchen on Sale UK, Get Free Quotes on Countertops

Work-tops provides its customers with free quotes, regardless of kitchen sale. You can reach out to us if you have any enquiries on stones, kitchen worktops, installation costs and related services. 

Complete Your Projects with this Kitchen Sale UK:

No matter the style, age, or type of property your home is, you can use our kitchen sale 2022 to incorporate these kitchen designs into your homes, they will make any space wonderful. 

One Wall Kitchen

To minimise space, a one-wall or single-line kitchen keeps all the cupboards and appliances against one wall. Because of how close the counters are to the sink and appliances, this design can actually be very effective.

Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen design layout, sometimes referred to as a corridor kitchen layout, consists of two parallel walls or runs of cabinetry separated by a three to five foot long corridor or walk-way.

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchens typically feature two open ends, allowing for many entrances and exits. As a result, the area can accommodate movement without obstruction. When entertaining, a well-organised kitchen may be really helpful because less crowding means more space and less stress when making food!

U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is a typical design with built-in cabinetry, counters, and appliances on three sides and an open or cased doorway or entry door on the fourth. A freestanding island can be included in a U-shaped layout if it is in bigger kitchens.

G-Shaped Kitchen

G-shaped kitchens, as their names indicate, have four sides which form the letter "G." Although there is generally a fourth dimension made with a peninsula for additional countertop space, it is pretty similar to U-shaped kitchens.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a separate cabinet that can either complement or match your current kitchen design. A kitchen island can be an additional storage space with built-in storage drawers or cupboards, act as a breakfast bar in kitchen with additional seating arranged around it, or even act as a secondary hob.

Peninsula Kitchen

When it comes to adding extra counter space to your kitchen, a peninsula is similar to an island. The distinction is that it is open on three of the four sides and fastened to the wall or kitchen cabinets at one end.

Work-top Cost Calculator for Kitchen Flat Sale

No matter what the percentage of kitchen sale discount, renovating kitchen is not complete without calculating the estimate of the project, right? And we agree with you. Here, use this Worktop Cost Calculator to analyse the budget for your expenses. Our service charges and VAT are very minimal, who knows you might not even need an offer to complete your dream kitchen project with Work-tops.

*T&C: you can get 50% off on material price with this Kitchen Sale discount only if you purchase material along with fabrication and installation from This offer applies to selected materials only.

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