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Nuvolato Quartzite has natural and artistic power and is expressed as glowing stone skin with distinct veins that mimic a smooth movement. a substance that can give an atmosphere a subtle grey tint with varying degrees of intensity and streaks of white. Its approach highlights the pristine nature of the area while incorporating an eclectic touch into the worktops of contemporary bathrooms with a global flair that is open to quality materials and a minimalist design. Nuvolato Quartzite is perfectly balanced, working with two different textures: polished, which resembles a sparkling, restrained, and exquisite skin, and vintage, which takes on an appearance that is inspired by the past and has a natural texture. These countertops give bathrooms and kitchens a calm appearance or, on the other hand, add harmony in vibrant and fashionable combinations.

At Work-tops, it is available in 20mm and 30mm thickness.

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