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Split Face Tiles Collections For Classic Space

An excellent 3D tile mosaic, split face tiles, is created by cutting natural stone sheets into sequential strips and arranging them in a dispersed 3D pattern. These tiles are smooth and easy to install because they are made to be quickly bonded together. Split face tile artwork continuously communicates a story and safeguards its elements stone by stone in addition to fulfilling an aesthetic purpose. Imagination and vision may turn an empty room into a magnificent beauty ensemble. To create aesthetically pleasant and distinctive spaces, more homeowners have recently enlisted the help of interior design professionals. The market for split-face tile design is growing. Learn more

Split Face Tile In Property Design

Split face art can be an exciting feature for residential and commercial designs. One can use split face tiles for artistic feature walls, splashbacks, upstands, window sills, TV walls, fireplace decor walls, and more. With stone, any design is possible. Split face art will be the icing on the cake for any interior design scheme.

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Walls With Split Face Cladding

Split face tiles are visually appealing and ring along with them, with immense durability and toughness. Split face Tiles decoration can be enjoyable and affordable and will unquestionably significantly increase the beauty and value of your property. When decorating, unique Split faces are so much more effective. Additionally, watching all the brilliant creativity you'll portray is a tremendous amount of fun.

Variety Of Split Face Wall Tiles

Work-tops have a wide range of tiles to offer you. Whether you admire dark hues or lean towards lighter tones, our collections suit all tastes. Our colour collection is as follows:

  1. Beige

  2. Black

  3. Brown

  4. Cream

  5. Green

  6. Grey

  7. Orange

  8. Silver

  9. White

Applications Of Split Face Tiles:

Split Face Walls

For interiors, selecting Split face wall art is identical to choosing any picture to adorn your walls. One has to carefully select the colours and designs that look compatible with the rest of the methods, as unplanned mismatches can make a space look better. You should consider picking a split-face mural complementary in colour and design.

Split Face Tiles Backsplash

With a gorgeous multicolour Split face backsplash, your kitchen will become a focal point. Installing the Split Face splashback over a hob or sink is possible. The appropriate colour and pattern choices will add value and style.

Split Face Fire Hearth Wall

Split face tiles are not just for functional purposes. Split-face hearths are works of art and stand out as captivating focal points. The space's colours, style, and pattern must match the Split face tile choice, just as they should with any other elements chosen for one space setting.

Split Face Tile Maintenance:

Maintaining split face tiles is crucial for preserving their aesthetic appeal and longevity. Regularly clean with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner and a soft brush to remove dirt and grime. Avoid harsh chemicals to prevent damage. Seal the tiles periodically to protect against moisture and stains. Inspect for any loose or damaged tiles and promptly address any issues to prevent further damage. Additionally, avoid excessive moisture exposure and consider using a sealer suitable for split face tiles in high-moisture areas.

Split Face Tiles - Ways To Be Creative

  • Feature Wall Art in Living Rooms

  • Display Art in Public Places

  • Fire Hearth Surrounds

  • TV Wall Surrounds

  • Mirror Frames

  • Creative Garden Walls, etc

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