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Invisible cooktops are induction cooktops that are hidden beneath your stone worktop. You are given a burner without any evident hobs; all cooking is done by adequately situating the pan on your work surface! There is a hidden setting option, a few of which are even smartphone accessible! As a result, your workspace is suddenly transformed into a hob when the burners quickly heat up pots via the slab! And guess what? According to some, induction cooking is more time and energy-saving than using a regular gas or electric cooker. In addition, upkeep is simple: wiping down a worktop will always take less time than scrubbing a hob. Learn More


Advantage of Invisible Induction Worktop

  1. Perfect for households with busy schedules, these invisible cooktops save you a lot of time on cleaning.

  2. You save on your bills as it is an energy-efficient system.

  3. Invisible cooking hobs make your kitchen look extremely neat and tidy.

  4. The modern and stylish kitchen looks.

  5. Invisible induction worktops create an additional workplace in the kitchen counter.

  6. It is best for small kitchens as invisible cooktops make counters multipurpose.

Variety of Slabs for Worktop with Hidden Induction

As you can see we offer a wide range of colour and pattern choices for your invisible cooktop installation. The range of colours we have are white, beige, black, light grey, ivory, cream, dark grey, green, black and gold, black and white, mixed blue, etc

We have 300+ varieties if you want a worktop without hidden induction

These are Exclusive Stone Slabs for Invisible Hob Installation

If you are looking to have a sleek kitchen and thus are planning the installation of an invisible induction hob, you must know that not all stone slabs readily available in the market are suitable for a cooktop with hidden burners. So, the stones offered on this page are the varieties that are compatible for your invisible worktop hob.

Uses of Cooktop Slabs Shown Above

Let it be known that these ranges of slabs like any other stones available in the market are suitable for all settings and not just Invisible cooktops. These slabs are extremely versatile which allows you to use these for kitchen worktops, kitchen splashbacks, kitchen islands, windowsills, upstands, sinks, kitchen floors and walls, bathroom floors and walls, bathroom splashbacks, bathroom vanity tops, shower walls and floors, shower trays, bathtubs, shower ledges, living room walls and floors, entryways, utility room walls, and floors, utility worktops, office desks, reception worktops, healthcare units, healthcare desks, commercial walls and floors, commercial receptions, and a lot more.

Thickness Suitable for Invisible Induction Hob

The slabs shown above are offered in different thicknesses like 12mm, 20mm, etc. However, 20mm slabs are the best suggestion for invisible cooktops. The 12mm thickness is not considered durable over a longer duration. Therefore, remember that only 20mm thick slabs must be used if you want to install an invisible kitchen cooktop because other thicknesses are not advised for safety reasons.

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