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Darker shades of natural and engineered stones are frequently used for bathroom and kitchen worktops, flooring, and furniture accents. Dark-coloured stone materials, mainly used to cover kitchen worktops, island and peninsula countertops or bathroom vanities, create a sense of consistency and continuity. Black marble is one of the most frequently selected dark marble hues. Learn More

It is not the only type of marble used for those kinds of applications, but there is no denying that black marble always adds a touch of exclusivity and elegance to any setting. Natural stone wall or floor cladding in black adds a touch of sophistication and a feeling of elegance. The features and characteristics of dark-coloured stones vary from material to material, which shall be discussed in detail in the upcoming sections. 

Dark Stone Varieties Offered By

Worktops has 300+ stone varieties in darker shades that suit all construction purposes. We have dark granites, dark marbles, dark limestones, dark slates, porcelain, quartzite, travertines, obsidiana, and darker shades of tiles for all these categories. So, be it kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or outdoors of homeowners, or requirements on a larger scale by designers, architects, kitchen fabricators, and worktop installers, collections from our Darker Shades are incredibly robust and suit all kinds of situations. Worktops offer different choices for all types of budgets.

Dark Quartz

Quartz is offered in almost all colours existing currently. Whether you want brown, black, dark grey, dark blue, dark green, or any deep hue, Worktops has it all. You can use darker shades of quartz slabs for various purposes like kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, floorings, splashbacks, feature shelves, office worktops, reception desks, coffee desks, chopping boards, wall panels, sinks, etc.

Dark Granite

Dark Granite comes in various shades of black, gray, and deep charcoal, often with specks of lighter minerals or veins of contrasting colors that give it a unique and visually interesting appearance. Some popular types of dark granite include Absolute Black, Black Pearl, and Titanium.

Dark Marble

In the case of darker shades of marble, sedimentary rocks like black and brown limestones or dolomites make up the great bulk of them. These rocks are polished to a shiny surface to produce dark marble. The dark colour of this type of stone is mainly explained by its origin on geological platforms that have received a sizable volume of sediments with plenty of organic materials and carbonate under anaerobic environments.

Dark Stone Flooring Options

Black Granite Flooring

Deep and rich, black granite provides a luxurious and sleek look. It's highly durable and can be polished to a high gloss for a stunning finish.

Dark Slate Flooring

Dark slate offers a rustic and textured appearance, perfect for adding depth and character to your floors. It's durable and well-suited for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Charcoal Limestone Flooring

Charcoal limestone features a deep grey hue with subtle variations. It can add a touch of elegance and modernity to your space.

Dark Marble Flooring

Dark marbles, like Nero Marquina or Emperador, display bold veining patterns in black and deep brown shades. They add a sense of luxury and drama.

Dark Quartzite Flooring

Dark quartzite, like Montauk Black, offers a durable and eye-catching flooring option. Its natural sparkle can bring a touch of glamour to your space.

Dark Travertine Flooring

Dark travertine features warm tones and can be honed or tumbled for a textured look. It works well in various design styles.

Dark Onyx Flooring

With its translucent properties, Dark Onyx creates a captivating and luxurious ambience. It's often used in smaller areas to highlight its unique characteristics.

Having a Dark Kitchen Stone Interior Design

One benefit of choosing dark kitchen countertops is that they hide spills and stains better than lighter shades. This gives you a bit more flexibility when cleaning your countertops, and it can mean they stay looking great for longer, even if they do pick up some stains over time.

Dark worktops go well with painted cabinets, currently popular in blue and green. Tones. White cabinets look best when paired with dark counters for a traditional appearance. Because they are so neutral, grey, cream, and other mid-tone hues are popular.

Stone Wall Applications 

Interior Accent Walls

Stone accent walls can become a focal point in your living room, bedroom, or dining area. They add texture, warmth, and a touch of rustic charm to the space.

Fireplace Surrounds

A stone wall surrounding a fireplace creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. You can choose from various stone types to match your design preferences, whether it's a traditional or contemporary look.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Incorporating stone as a backsplash material in your kitchen can provide a durable and visually appealing surface that's easy to clean. Different stone types and patterns can enhance the kitchen's style.

Pool Surrounds

Natural stone can enhance the aesthetics of your pool area. Stone walls near a pool can create a luxurious and serene setting.

Patio or Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Stone walls can define outdoor seating areas, providing privacy and visual interest. They can also serve as a backdrop for outdoor kitchens or fire pits.

Feature Walls In Commercial Spaces

Stone walls are used in commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels, and offices to create a distinctive and memorable ambience.

Wine Cellars

Stone walls contribute to the relaxed, rustic atmosphere of wine cellars. They can also provide insulation and moisture control.

Dark Stone textures 

Polished Finish

A polished dark stone surface reflects light and creates a sleek, elegant look. It's perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in countertops, bathrooms, and entryways.

Honed Finish

Honed dark stone has a smooth, matte surface that offers a more subtle and understated appearance. It's an excellent choice for spaces with a softer texture and a casual vibe.

Tumbled Finish

Tumbled dark stone features rounded edges and a weathered appearance, making it look rustic and aged. This texture works well in spaces with a traditional or country-inspired aesthetic.

Brushed Finish

A brushed finish provides a textured surface with a slightly worn appearance. It's an excellent option for adding tactile interest to walls, floors, or outdoor surfaces.

Flamed Finish

This finish is achieved by exposing the stone to high heat and then rapidly cooling it, causing the surface to burst and create a textured, rugged look. It's commonly used for outdoor applications like patios and pathways.

Split-Face Finish

Split-face dark stone has a rough, uneven surface created by splitting it along its natural grain. It adds a three-dimensional element to walls and facades, offering a modern and contemporary vibe.

Leathered Finish

Leathered dark stone has a slightly textured surface that resembles the feel of leather. It adds a unique tactile element and works well in modern and traditional designs.

Dark Worktops Installation:

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How Can I Use Darker Shades In My Home Design?

Darker shades can be used as accent walls, in furniture, or through decor items like cushions and drapes to add depth and sophistication to your space.

  • Are Darker Shades Suitable For Small Rooms?

Yes, darker shades can work in small rooms. Opt for strategic placement, such as a feature wall, to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere without overwhelming the space.

  • What Colour Combinations Complement Darker Shades?

Light neutrals like creams and greys and metallic accents like gold or silver can balance and enhance darker shades while maintaining a stylish and harmonious look.