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Ceramic tiles are popularly chosen for residential and commercial properties as they are highly durable and easy to maintain. We owe it to the creative colours, designs and formats offered by the industry that our stocks have been performing well with our customers, as these tiles allow versatile design arrangements based on individual choice and preference. In the upcoming sections, we will see in-depth the advantages of ceramic tiles and which places one can install these tiles. Learn More

Popular Ceramic Tile Colour Choices:

A spectrum of versatile colours designed to enhance your spaces better. Our range boasts hues that effortlessly harmonise with diverse design schemes. Find the perfect shade to elevate your space, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Ultimately, choosing the tile colour belongs to you; not everyone will understand your house’s colour scheme better than you.

Black Wall Tile

Some may like dark colours for their walls and splashbacks as black hides stains and allows the homeowner enough time for their cleaning task. Another reason black ceramic tiles perform well is black goes with any design and makes an interior look classy.

White Wall Tile

We all know white is the most blendable hue that is doubtlessly compatible with every other colour. A white tile makes kitchens and bathrooms look peaceful, clean and fresh even after a couple of years of purchase. It is safe to go with white if you do not know anything.

Beige-Pink Tile

Beige is one nude shade that customers choose confidently for their interior spaces. An advantage of going with a beige-pink shade is that it is neutral enough to go along with other colours. It is neither too loud nor too basic. The pinkish tint makes the space look subtle and elegant.

Ceramic Tiles For Bathrooms And Kitchens

On average, people spend more money prettifying their abodes, especially kitchens and bathrooms. To execute a nice and happening kitchen-bathroom space, one needs to plan everything prior to action. Nice fabricated sinks, edge-trimmed islands, organised cabinets, drawers, and freshly installed stone floors are the smart choices. Our experts say ceramic tiles have an easy interface to clean and maintain.

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Are Ceramic Tiles Affordable?

Usually Ceramic tiles fall within your estimated budget, and one important feature of Ceramics is they can be engineered to fake a Marble, and yes they do it well. Their cost-effectiveness varies based on factors like size, quality, design intricacy, brand and colour. While some high-end tiles can be pricier, many budget-friendly options exist, making ceramic popular for cost-conscious homeowners seeking durable and stylish flooring or wall solutions. You could afford a ceramic tile at the most competitive price £22.50 at Work-tops; grab it soon!

Popular Ceramic Tile Finishes

Gloss Finished Ceramic Tiles

The glossy finish of the tile is advantageous if you have a small space as it helps reflect the maximum amount of room light and makes it appear spacious and brighter. As gloss finish is very smooth and polished, cleaning is easy, and stains get wiped off easily.

Matt Finished Ceramic Tiles

Matt or honed finish is still smooth but not as glossy in texture as the polished finish. Matt finish makes a space look subtle and elegant without being over-shiny.

Benefits Of Ceramic Tile Offered By Work-Tops:


As these tiles are highly durable and long-lasting, once installed, they last more than a decade with proper care, saving one lot of fortune. These tiles are thus a wise choice for kitchens.


As ceramic tiles stay strong in one property for about a lifetime, we help minimise waste. Additionally, these tiles can be recycled and used for other purposes. We can also be creative enough and do some DIYs.

Latent Heat

One characteristic of ceramic tiles is that they store surrounding heat. This feature can be useful if planning for wall and floor heating.

Antibacterial Surfaces - Ceramic Tiles

These tiles are manufactured to be almost zero porous, meaning all the liquid spills and accidents that a kitchen faces daily are not a threat. This is a great advantage for homeowners with busy lifestyles as they do not have to pay extra attention towards its maintenance and cleaning. The upkeep of the kitchen becomes much easier.

Tiles That Do Not Fade

These tiles can also be used in zones where direct sunlight falls as there is no risk of discolouration or yellowing. One can thus plan for outdoor kitchens and dinings with ceramic tiles.

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