Multicolour surface materials add to our living spaces, a lot of vibrancy and joy. They make spaces look full of life and energy. Our houses, offices, and any other possible public spaces have always had standard white, black, grey, and beige floors and walls. However, wouldn't it be lovely to see all of these colours come together? A little bit of the gloomy black, a little bit of the serene white, a little bit of the calm yellow, a little bit of the vibrancy of red, the sadness of blue, the joy of pink, and all the other colours from your favourite palette.Learn more


Multi-Coloured Natural Stones

Several natural stones have exquisitely variegated colours and veining that are perfect for coming up with a distinctive kitchen design. A worktop with a variety of colours can serve as a gorgeous focal point and provide you with some freedom when it comes to combining the colour of other elements of the room. Almost all natural stones, such as granite and marble, are created by hot magma solidifying under intense pressure and heat beneath the earth's crust. Due to these extreme conditions, the stone developed distinctive patterns and designs that make them seem absolutely wonderful when used as surface materials, such as kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, floor tiles, wall tiles, and many others.

Multi-Coloured Engineered Stones

Engineered stones are manufactured in the industries by combining natural stones with colour pigments and binding resins, which gives them an even more advantage of producing spectacular colour patterns and playing with the multicolour fun that the natural stones are limited by. Various multicoloured engineered stones produced are quartz, terrazzo, ceramic, porcelain, etc.

Multicolour Venecia Quartz

Venecia Quartz slabs have surpassed granite and marbles  in popularity for vanity tops, wall cladding, flooring, and kitchen countertop applications. The highly customizable and scratch- and stain-resistant quartz slabs are ideal for both dry as well as wet settings, like bathroom.

Multicolour Floors

Try using a creative pattern to reduce the appearance of grime on the flooring in your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms. The eye will be diverted and dirt will be much less obvious due to the mixing of forms and colours in the multicoloured slabs. Install our colourful surface material for some fun, and it will be simple to maintain your floors.

Multicoloured Quartz Worktops

The construction of Quartz worktops makes them highly resistant to the frequent spills, blemishes, and scratches that can happen in a kitchen setting. The surface sealer helps prevent surface damage that would harm natural stones like granite and marble from food stains, utensil scratches, and direct heat. Epoxy's non-porous nature prevents harmful bacteria from growing on the surface, ensuring that it stays sterile and sanitary every day.

Etna Quartz for Bathroom

Needless to say, bathrooms are one of the wettest areas in our living spaces. So, the materials used in the construction of bathrooms must be such that they are not affected by moisture, humidity, water droplets and stains. Etna Quartz is one such material that has been manufactured to be almost literally non-porous. They are very much safe to be used for manufacturing sinks, backsplashes, shower trays, shower tubs, shower walls and floors.

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