About Us

Work-tops initially started with the purpose to serve solely the stone suppliers and stonemasons, with imported stones from around the world.

With a recent market survey conducted in November 2021, we redefined our ideologies with an aim to simplify the stages of stone procurement for all categories of customers dealing with stones, right from purchasing to selling. According to this revised concept, we bring together homeowners with queries like worktops near me; buyers; as well as sellers looking for services related to and around stones worktops. We procure the best stones from the finest stone suppliers for customers across the UK and Europe like homeowners, fabricators/stonemasons, architects, designers, contractors, etc.

This solves the hardship of stone sellers struggling to sell their stones, of fabricators and stonemasons looking for homeowners to deliver their services, and also homeowners trying to find the right stones and service providers for their bathroom worktops and/or kitchen worktops remodelling; making Work-tops a one stone directory for unlimited services, around the UK, Ireland and European countries.

OUR VISION: To be the epicentre of this specialized stone industry. 

OUR MISSION: To deliver sustainable, efficient, economical, and reliable services and stones . We aim towards providing convenient, compatible, and affordable solutions for everyone who sets foot in our world.

OUR AIM: To become a stone directory that delivers the demanded stone to the customer within a maximum of 24 hours.

OUR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Our CSR statement refers to responsibilities towards the environment in bringing ethical disposable solutions for this luxurious stone industry. We, the entire team of Work-tops, believe in the sustainable ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ way of living. We recycle unused scraps of stone, reuse surplus chunks and blocks into decorative settings and fix tattered stone worktops with remnants, thus saving potential stone slabs from filling landfills and in turn reducing the continuous extraction of natural resources.

Our Remnant program is supporting the UK government's "Green Industry Revolution 2050" and Stone Recycle program in reducing carbon footprints.

What Do We Do?

For Homeowners 

We help homeowners find the desired stone and connect with the right, skilful tradesmen to complete their work at a reasonable price. For homeowners under tight budgets looking for cheap worktops within commendable quality, we believe we are the right venue.

For Stonemasons, Fabricators and Contractors

According to our market research held in November 2021, 93% of UK stonemasons are forced to spend large amounts for websites, SEO and Digital marketing, in an attempt to gather leads and promote their services, competing with a massive number of competitors, all for an unguaranteed customer.

Digital experts and the customer service team of Work-tops will help contractors, fabricators, stonemasons and alike in gathering leads and end-use customers, by allowing them to showcase their services under a top digital presence.

For Stone suppliers

According to a Statista survey, more than 6% of UK homeowners enquire ‘’kitchen worktops near me’’ every year, which is approximately a million searches. Work-tops connects this huge figure of customers with stone suppliers through a proper network. When homeowners and stonemasons search stones by using AI Image search technologies, they will be directed to the stone suppliers, thus fulfilling the needs of all involved.


AI Image Search: Our AI image search technology enables customers to insert stone keywords or images as per requirement which further leads to a parametric search across suppliers and provides in-depth stone information. This level of precision minimises the problems arising due to miscommunication.

On Request: Work-tops has a wide range of stone materials displayed on its website. If by any means a customer comes looking for a peculiar item, they have the opportunity to send enquiries regarding it via our email, website chat, or calls through helpline number. Our team with its interconnected network facility will reach out to suppliers across the country and arrange the stone for the customer upon being notified of its availability.

Livestock Data: Visitors on our website can see the exact stone available on our collection page at their time of visiting. 

Brand Reach: Companies and individuals registered on Work-tops have access to display their stones and services which will be viewed by a huge number of potential buyers. By uploading their best kitchen worktops, kitchen prices, and stones , they will reach a huge audience demanding the same, thus giving an opportunity for their brand to establish its presence.

Product & Service Launch: When new stones and services provided by suppliers and stonemasons are displayed through our website, they will automatically reach a huge mass, thus saving fortunes from being spent on marketing and advertising in an attempt to gather customers.

Grow With Us: Grow with us is our partner program and an opportunity for every supplier to collaborate for free and benefit from our advanced technological solutions, allowing their stones to reach a market full of demands, taking them to great heights.

Doorstep service: Our team members enrolled for respective duties are committed to providing a doorstep service, exempting customers from the responsibility of arranging for safe and secure transport of bulky natural stones.

Artificial Intelligence Report: This facility allows anybody visiting our website to search for the precise stone they are looking for without having to type its name in an unaware situation. All they have to do is upload the picture of the stone and our artificial intelligence will track its name providing the seeker with enough information to carry out their interest further.

CSR Remnant Program: This is a sustainable approach toward making the Stone Industry a comparatively less hazardous place. Through our Remnant program, fabricators and stonemasons can sell their offcut slabs from previous projects to customers looking for similar tiny pieces just to fix their worktops or floorings. This brings the otherwise waste materials into use, saves huge dumps from going into landfills, and reduces the extraction rate of newer stones thus saving natural resources.

Referrals and Rewards: All registered fabricators on work-tops can get a referral link from us which provides click and trace information to their customers to help them pick up any stone and get a quote directly only from the referred partner.


Our registered members, fellow trade companies, individuals aligned with us as well as members of the public that are interested will have the option to share their stones, projects, experiences and views on our site. Valuable feedback from customers is always welcomed as positive criticism will enhance our sellers’ consistency in supplying the quality stones as promised.

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