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The variety of Limestone Tile is what makes it beautiful. We provide a sizable selection of premium limestone tiles in various hues, measurements, and finishes. Because it is so solid and durable by nature, Limestone is an excellent choice for busy residential properties, lower ground, and kitchens. Any room can be embellished with Limestone. Since Limestone is formed of minerals that have naturally deposited on the earth's crust over millions of years, the texture of limestone tiles is gorgeous and organic. The tiles can be utilized indoors and outdoors to give any environment a clean, lovely appearance. High-traffic locations benefit from Limestone's high level of durability. However, as we know, no material is maintenance-free; even limestone surfaces can be degraded. The flooring may chip, discolor, crack, or deteriorate with time. But regular cleaning and careful handling can make it last for decades. Learn More

Limestone Tiles Advantages:

They Are Durable And Sturdy

Limestone tile can tolerate any temperature while also being solid and long-lasting. Because it is composed of fossils, calcite, and several similar materials, Limestone is a natural stone with a long lifespan. Even if individuals don't correctly care for the tiles, they will last for the rest of their lives. In addition, limestone tiles are robust as they are made from slabs of solid stone, and their opaqueness makes them more resilient to splitting, cracks, flaking, and shattering.

They Are An Eco-Friendly Choice

When you install Limestone, your home's interior air quality will be good. These tiles are manufactured from natural rocks, as was already explained, and contain no toxic additives. Therefore, limestone tiles offer both beauty and an environmentally responsible atmosphere. Because of their endurance, design engineers favor these limestone surfaces.

They Increase The Property Value

Real industry experts and interior designers agree that limestone tiles add durability to your home, a touch of elegance, and the owner's aesthetic sense. To make your residence more attractive, utilize a variety of colors and designs. Because Limestone is made from natural resources, it has many hues and tones. Limestone is available in various colors, including beige, grey, white, yellow, and black.

They Are Low Maintenance

Since Limestone is an organically produced stone without any chemical modifications, it is more tenacious and robust. By following these simple guidelines, you may extend the lifespan of your tiles and ensure that just one installation is required for the duration of your home. It is advised that the limestone tiles be treated during installation. Your tiles age, as a result, becoming older and acquiring a tarnish. The sealant is a transparent solution so that it won't change the color or texture of your tile. If you adhere to this technique, your tiles' lifespan will be increased.

Smoother Surface

Limestone tile is much softer than other surfaces; thus, cleaning up stains and debris requires no additional effort. While other natural stones, such as granite, are not as smooth, most Limestone is more delicate, giving it a high level of functionality. Limestone tiles not only have a natural texture, but they also offer a smooth surface for walking. It continues to be a little colder than other tiles in the summer. However, be sure that professionals seal your tiles properly.

Does Limestone Tile Need To Be Sealed???

Limestone is an excellent floor finish since it is hardwearing and easy to maintain. Like many natural substances, a limestone floor will require sealing following installation. In this article, we will look at the many types of treatments available as well as their methods of application.

Limestone Flooring Application:

Limestone Tiles can be used almost anywhere in residential or commercial places.

Popularly used areas are:

  • Indoor Floor Cladding

  • Outdoor Floor Cladding

  • Garden patios

  • Wall cladding

  • Kitchen Worktops

  • Kitchen splashback

  • Bathroom floors

  • Bathroom walls

  • Bathroom splashback

  • Shower Tubs and Surrounds

  • Monuments

Are Limestone Tiles Suitable For Kitchens?

Yes, limestone tiles can be suitable for kitchens, but some considerations must be considered. Limestone is a natural stone that offers a unique and beautiful appearance with its earthy colors and wild patterns. However, it is a softer stone than granite or quartz, making it more prone to scratches and etching from acidic substances.

Can Limestone Tile Be Used In A Shower???

Limestone is ideal for a more subdued natural stone aesthetic in your bathroom. It will never be as gleaming as marble or granite. On the other hand, limestone is a soft and fragile stone that must be well maintained, mainly when used in a bathroom and shower, to retain its appearance.

Maintaining And Cleaning Limestone Slabs:

  • Wipe the dust regularly.

  • Vacuum carefully and according to the correct instructions

  • Pick a gentle soap with a neutral PH for wet wiping.

  • Use a soft cloth rather than an abrasive sponge to clean counters.

  • Remove excess water by dry wiping off the surface to avoid water stains.

  • Always use coasters and trivets on Limestone tile counters.

  • Seal them while installing and every three to five years after that.

  • Use floor mats beside each of your entrances to protect your Limestone surfaces from stains.

  • Remove the spills from tiled worktops immediately by blotting them with paper towels, then washing the surface with mild soap and water.

  • Avoid spilling anything acidic on your Limestone since it can etch.

  • Use designated cleaning products.

  • Allow the grout cleaner to sit on limestone tiles for about 3 minutes before scrubbing with a brush. Follow it with a rinse.

Limestone Tile Size

Tiles made of Limestone are available in various sizes, and they usually differ from supplier to supplier, but some commonly available sizes are:-

  • 60*120 cm

  • 60*60 cm

  • 60*30 cm

  • 40*40 cm

Limestone Tile Thickness

The commonly available thickness of Limestone tiles is 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 22mm.

Looking For Limestone For Your Projects?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Limestone Tiles Suitable For High-Traffic Areas?

Limestone tiles are better suited for low to moderate-traffic areas due to their softer nature. For high-traffic spaces, consider more durable options like porcelain or granite tiles.

  • How Do I Maintain Limestone Tiles?

Regularly clean limestone tiles with a pH-balanced or neutral cleaner. Seal them to protect against stains and moisture, and avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the stone.

  • Can Limestone Tiles Be Used In Wet Areas Like Bathrooms?

Limestone tiles can be used in wet areas, but proper sealing is crucial to prevent water absorption. Textured finishes can improve slip resistance in bathroom applications.