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Washbasins that match the bathroom vanity top are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They make the interior look more organised and beautiful. At Work-tops, we offer over 50 wash basins that significantly enhance the bathroom's appearance and atmosphere. We also have a collection of jointless basins that give your spaces a smooth, flawless look.

In the following sections, we'll review the benefits of the integrity washbasins in our collection and explain why they're the best option for your property. Learn More

Integrity Wash Basins For Bathrooms:

Homeowners have a wide range of alternatives from our selection of Integrity basins in terms of shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes, which opens up a wide range of interior design options. Our washbasin adaptability makes it possible to match them to the bathroom countertop and bring the space's aesthetic harmony.

Integrity washbasin is a remarkable manufacturer innovation that has completely enchanted the customers. These market-altering products have been doing very well, especially in the European countries. The wash basins are no longer garish and odd-looking, ruining the aesthetic of a lovely setting.

High-Quality Surfaces For Your Washbasins And Bathroom:

Dekton and Silestone are perfect surfaces for damp and humid spaces like the bathroom. Their near-zero porosity means neither stains nor water can penetrate them, improving hygiene with less maintenance and easier cleaning. Additionally, both surfaces applied on countertops and washbasins are highly resistant to knocks and scratches, which allows them to maintain their beauty for years.

Bathroom Sinks - Advantages Of Choosing Us:

Our bathroom washbasins have all those features that customers scavenge for when buying one for residential and commercial bathrooms. The advantages are discussed below:

Antimicrobial Pedestal Basins

As our bathroom basins are manufactured to be highly non-porous, no moisture will be allowed to penetrate your pedestal basin surface. Hence, by eliminating the possibility of unsanitary bacterial growth, we get hygienic and safe bathrooms.

Scratch-Resistant Bathroom Basins

Scratches reduce the value of a recently installed bathroom and dull the area. We know that razors, blades, and similar sharp objects used in a bath and shower area are likely to scratch and leave marks. Therefore, it is obvious how crucial a bathroom sink is to survive scratches.

Long Lasting Wash Basins

Our bathroom sinks are so durable that once installed, you will not need to replace them unless you live in a reckless household with many ruckus creators. Our integrity basin and sinks last for decades and decades, and with proper care and maintenance, they might even surpass the next generation.

Versatile Pedestal Washbasins

Pedestal wash basins offered by Work-tops show high-performance and give your space a high-end look. It is not just residential customers that have bought our washbasins; hotels and restaurants have loved our basin designs and reported that they have been a point of discussion among their customers.

Aesthetically Pleasing Basins

Our washbasins and bathroom sinks prove utility and resilient nature need not equate to unappealing design. Our bathroom basins and pedestal sinks are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Every bath basin is distinct from the others and offers buyers infinite options, thanks to its rich veining, soft colours, smooth styles, wood-effect themes, grained effect themes, and many other features.

Cohesive Bathroom Designs

Washbasins and pedestal bathroom sinks of Silestone Integrity can be installed on vanity tops of the same Silestone slabs to give the bathroom a cohesive aesthetic. Therefore, our integrity basins are ideal if you desire a unified appearance.

If you want a cohesive bathroom, let me inform you that we have various Silestone slabs that can match your bathroom sinks. So just send your inquiry here.

Easy Maintenance Bathrooms:

Our Silestone integrity sinks show almost zero joints, simplifying cleanup, especially when combined with silestone vanity tops. The absence of joints also implies no obvious boundaries, thus avoiding a strange look and resulting in a fantastic visual result created solely by this particular element.

Contact here for an Integrity bathroom sink to create a sense of elegance and effortless motion on a bathroom vanity top.

Polished And Suede Basin Finishes Available:

In addition to the traditional gloss surface, we offer suede-finish washbasins, too. One may opt for a traditional polished finish for a glossy look. On the other hand, if you're searching for something a little more uncommon, you might choose the Suede texture. The suede surface feels soft and smooth but is less shiny than the polished one.

UK Basin Suppliers

Contact 0330 113 5968 or create an enquiry now, as we supply a variety of basins, as you can see in the pictures. Whether you want pedestal sinks, rectangular basins, pot basins, or corner sinks, we have it all.