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Ceramic worktops are in high demand in the stone-buying community that strives for artistic beauty with little hassle of maintenance. Utterly durable, luxurious appearance and almost non-porous, the craze behind these slabs is justified. As opposed to natural stone worktops, Ceramic worktops have the advantage that they can be created to look any particular way according to the demand in the market. Some might prefer plain colours, while others might choose Marble-like patterns with easy maintenance characteristics; there's a choice to suit all tastes. Work-tops thus offer a wide range of choices in this category with various colours, patterns, stone designs, thickness, dimensions, etc. Learn More

Advantage Of Ceramic Worktops

Ceramic Slab Colours - Variety Of Choices

We have everything from a bold and striking black slab with enchanting gold veins to a subtle and simple white slab with faint grey veins. Every Ceramic slab colour is a unique choice in itself. It depends on many factors on what colour worktop becomes the best choice for one's kitchen, some of which are personal taste, the colour of other elements like walls and cabinets, the lifestyle of the residents, maintenance preference and budget for premium collection.

Are Ceramic Worktops Easy To Maintain?

Industries manufacture Ceramic slabs by taking into consideration the rising demand of the market. Studies have shown that most buyers prefer Marble but refrain from buying it because of the hassle it brings along. It is a renowned fact that Marble has been highly appreciated for ages for its extraordinary design and visually appealing look. However, this natural beauty brings issues of etching and sensitivity. This gives a major advantage to Ceramic worktops. Wide range of Ceramics that are precisely like Marble but do not require as much attention and careful handling as Marble. The Marble-effect ceramic slabs have been doing very well within our buyer community. Homeowners love the designs, especially for bathroom vanity tops, shower walls and floors, shower wall claddings, etc. It gives a sophisticated and luxurious look and increases the property value.

Ceramic Worktops Pros And Cons

Like other materials, Ceramics has its pros and cons. To talk about its pros, they provide wonderful durability, scratch resistance, and ease of maintenance. They are heat-resistant and available in huge shades. However, they might chip or crack under heavy impact, have limited edge profiles, and require professional installers due to their weight. Additionally, some patterns may show wear over time.

Ceramic Stone Bookmatching Installation

Stones like Invisible Light Bookmatch Ceramic, Arabescato Bookmatch Satin Ceramic and Portoro Brecciato Bookmatch Ceramic, among many others, are beautiful slabs that permit bookmatching designs. Book-matched Ceramic worktops and splashbacks make even a simple-looking space high-end and luxurious.

Modern Kitchen Designs

The ceramic slabs offered by lend your kitchens and bathrooms a modern and sleek design. The ceramic slabs from our collection are visually appealing and straightforward enough to fathom. There are a variety of choices for patterns. Some are Marble-effect stones, while others are plain designs. Ceramic kitchens look modern and allow homeowners to experience the bliss of ongoing trends.

Ceramic Worktop Brands, Finishes & Price

Traditionally, Ceramic worktops are highly renowned for their glossy polished finishes. But here at Work-top, we advise you to trust brands and best prices. Some might prefer the smooth nature of the worktops but still want something less flashy, so our satin-finished ceramic slab is the ideal choice for them. Satin-finished Ceramic worktops reveal the dirt, thus making kitchen cleaning and maintenance more accessible for residents with busy lifestyles. The Ceramic worktop price ranges from £252.36. Surf more, and you might find better options, too.

Contact For Ceramic Stone Installation UK

The experts of are masters at every stone, be it natural like Granite and Marble or engineered like Quartz and Ceramic worktops. Our stone experts have made commendable bookmatched designs for many customers and have been highly appreciated over various regions of the UK. Call 03301135868 or send your enquiry to for the best supply, template, fabrication and installation price.