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Sandstone Tiles

What Is A Sandstone Tile?

Sandstone Tiles are natural Tiles made from sedimentary rocks of sandstone. They look extremely tough and abiding even after spending too many days in walls, facades, flooring, wall cladding, shower walls, near pools and outdoor paving. Sandstone Tiles are aesthetically cute, appealing, durable, and versatile. Sandstone Tiles enhance the rustic look and feel of interior and exterior spaces in residential and commercial settings. Learn More

Sandstone Tile Price

Work-tops is one of the much-publicised Stone suppliers based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Helping homeowners and those who are in need of stone by providing them with accurate slabs at the most affordable price. Sandstone Tiles may cost around £21.75 per square metre.

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Benefits Of The Sandstone Tiles

Aesthetically Appealing Feature

Sandstone's unique finish, texture and colour provide almost exquisite appeal to any space. People buy them in bunches to tile their interiors and exteriors.

Strenuous Sandstones

Sandstone is a robust and enduring material, making it suitable for high-traffic areas like driveways, pool decks, porches and backyard pavers.

Unbeatable Versatility

Sandstone Tiles is well known for its versatile attributes. They turn out to be a valuable add-on for patios, porches, walkways, retaining walls, porches and even near the BBQ floors. Naturally, they can resist hot temperatures.

Absolute Resistance To Weather

Sandstone is resistant to weathering, making it suitable for wet garden and patio use in various climates.

Low Maintenance

Sandstone Tiles require minimal effort to keep them relatively clean. Mopping and wiping regularly with regular soap liquids should be persistently followed for upright floors.

Non-Slip Sandstone Surface

Its naturally textured surface provides grip, making it a safe choice for wet areas like bathrooms and pool surroundings. Ensure your forebear's safety by installing Sandstone Tiles.

Heat Resistance

Sandstone Tile remains cool to the touch in hot weather, making it comfortable for barefoot walking, sitting and playing beside the couch with your pets and kids.

Achieve Eco-Walls And Floors With Sandstone:

It is a natural material, reducing the environmental impact compared to synthetic alternatives.


Sandstone tiles come in various sizes and shapes, allowing for creative design choices to suit different tastes and spaces.

Can I Get Sandstone Tiles Near Me?

The best way to find any desired product near you is by googling. Type online, "Best Sandstone Tiles near me?" or "Near the United Kingdom." You will end up with many stone fabricator pages where you could locally find a warehouse or purchase them online. If you are familiar with our product and services, then directly search online or contact our expert team to help you find the desired colour, pattern and size.

Sandstone Tile Finishes Availability

When it comes to Sandstone finish, we provide a multitude of finishes. In Sandstone Tile, we offer finishes like,

  • Honed - A honed surface feels smooth and matte to the touch. It lacks the glossy shine of polished stone, offering a tactile, satin-like texture that's pleasing to handle and less reflective.

  • Natural - It typically appears authentic, with variations, veining, and a matte or slightly textured surface.

  • Sawn - A sawn stone finish appears precisely cut with straight, clean edges. It has a smooth, flat surface without the natural texture, providing a contemporary and uniform appearance commonly seen in modern architecture.

Sandstone Tiled Walls

Sandstone Tiled walls are purposely installed for their durability and aesthetic appeal, lending a natural and timeless charm to spaces. Especially if you own a space, be it a garden, office, pool, pavement or other places, Sandstone Tile can be an appropriate fit because they are naturally sourced and can sustain harsh conditions.

Maintaining Sandstone Tiles Can Be Straightforward For Homeowners

Routine Cleaning

Sweep or vacuum dust the debris regularly to prevent scratches. Use a damp mop with a mild stone cleaner for routine cleaning.

Spilled Coffee? No Worries Follow This To Get Rid Of The Stains

Wipe up spills promptly to prevent stains. Blot the spill. Don't rub or spread it, gently dab them using a soft cloth before applying the baking soda paste or soap liquids. This should clear off the stains from Sandstone Tile; if not, repeat the process twice or thrice until it's completely gone.

Say No To Harsh Cleaners:

Avoid abrasive or acidic cleansers that can damage the stone's surface. Stick to stone-specific products.

Mildew And Mould

In damp areas, like bathrooms, use an antimicrobial cleaner to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Place Rugs Or Entrance Mats

Place mats or rugs on or near the entryways to reduce the amount of mud and grit brought indoors. Also, this is to ensure the safety of your kiths and kin.

Rubber Pads Under Furniture To Avoid Scratch

Use felt or rubber pads under furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents on your Sandstone surface.

Keep An Eye Regularly

Periodically review for signs of wear, damage, or loose tiles and address them promptly.

Outdoor Care

If you have sandstone tiles outdoors, power wash and seal them to prevent them from unusual weathering.

Avoid Huge Impacts

Be cautious with heavy objects that could crack or chip the Sandstone Tiles.