Invisible Cooktop - Effortless Elegance For Modern Kitchens

Invisible Cooktop - Effortless Elegance For Modern Kitchens

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For every kitchen, the worktop area is an important space. However, big equipment like burners takes up too much space, which could be used for additional kitchen productivity. Interestingly, you guys, the invisible cooktop are already becoming more and more popular. Due to induction cooking's improved levels of competence, safety, and cleanliness during the past 10-15 decades, the industry for cooking appliances has undergone a radical change. For the majority of us, an induction cooktop is now a necessity.

What Exactly Is An Invisible Stovetop?

Almost exactly what you're picturing is an invisible stove, or perhaps not. An Invisible induction cooktop that is concealed behind your stone worktop is known as a hidden cooktop. You receive an Invisible Stovetop with no obvious hobs: You just cook by positioning the pan correctly on your worktop! There is a concealed configuration tool, some of which can even be accessed from a smartphone! Consequently, the burners instantly heat cookware through the slab to now convert your work area into a Invisible stovetop! And you know what…induction cooking is said to be more efficient in terms of time and energy than conventional gas or electric stoves. Additionally, maintenance is a cakewalk: cleaning down a worktop would always be quicker than scrubbing a burner.

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Why Choose An Invisible Induction Cooktop?

Invisible Induction Cooktop Surfaces - Having Trouble Locating the Cooking Point

The kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it also plays an important part in your family's health.

As a result, your kitchen must be secure, aesthetically beautiful, and equipped with cutting-edge technologies that allow you to prepare food efficiently, elegantly, and without wasting valuable time.

Invisible Stovetop are not only speedier than standard gas or electric cooktops; they are also one of the safest methods.

You will feel safer because the countertop will not heat up, and there will be less risk of burns. This is why the fact of an Invisible Induction Cooktop job is a benefit rather than a drawback.




Calacatta Oro FULLVEIN3D Porcelain technique graphically recreates the veins of the surface layer, even within the full thickness, in perfect continuity, just like natural marble. This method mimics the beauty of the marble on both the surface and the body… read more





Native Fog FullBody 3D Porcelain slab is a porcelain slab in grey that goes with every kitchen backsplashes, kitchen island, Bathroom vanity, Kitchen Countertop and many more. Only 20mm is suitable for invisible burner installation. Despite best efforts to display… read more





Piasentina Mud FULLBODY3D Porcelain technology graphically recreates the intricate structure of stone material, not just on the surface, but also in thickness, reproducing the aesthetic impression of what nature has fashioned over millennia. The consistency between the body, surface, and… read more


Invisible Hob - What Is The Catch?

Although the invisible stovetop is useful, I'm more intrigued by what it may do for kitchen decor, and those are:

  • You gain access to additional workspace as well as a cleaner, less crowded kitchen. Something that, for instance, would fit effectively with an open-plan layout.

  • It is a fashionable, advanced Invisible Induction Cooktop cooking solution that allows you to maximise the utilisation of your small kitchen while providing excellent performance.

  • These stylish invisible cooktops slabs from Work-tops are thermal, chemical, abrasion, and stain resistant, in addition to adding flair to your kitchen. One can explore and learn to cook any continental cuisine using these worktops without fearing consequences and long cleaning hours.

  • You receive a flawlessly contemporary, minimalist, and brilliant interior design that makes your room feel lovelier.

Invisible Induction Cooktop Surfaces - Having Trouble Locating The Cooking Point?

How and where should you position the pots accurately? If you are worried about locating the burner, rather than preparing food in a rectangular-shaped conventional induction glass, linearly design the induction features. It enables positioning of the inductors closer to the heart, allowing you to prepare food or merely use the food preparation area to keep your cooking formula or a glass of champagne while you prepare a meal. The location of the pans will be indicated by the lens underneath every inductor.

Pick your favourite invisible cooktop

Homeowners’ Popular Choice For Their Kitchen - Port Gold Porcelain:

Port Gold Marble Cooktop - The Popular Choice

Firstly, just look at it, isn't it so gorgeous…It is right!!! Port Gold Porcelain has a deep black base adorned by exquisite gold and silver stunning! Simply magical. Whatever your kitchen style, installing this worktop will add grace to any existing space. Besides being gorgeous, it's practical and durable. The surface is one of the most hard-wearing cook surfaces on the market today. It is completely non-porous and seamless, making it totally impervious to water, so it's easy to clean and hygienic. This invisible cooktops makes a timeless statement that is appropriate for design styles ranging from traditional to modern. Choose this stylish and functional choice for your property projects.

Invisible Induction Hob UK Price:

Remember, price shouldn't be the only factor in your decision. Consider features, functionality, compatibility with your kitchen, and long-term durability before making your choice.

The type of worktop material you choose to integrate the Invisible cooktops with can also affect pricing. Some materials like Dekton or Silestone require specific compatibility and might incur additional costs.

Number Of Cooking Zones: The number of cooking zones you need will obviously influence the price. A basic two-zone invisible hob will be cheaper than a four-zone or five-zone setup.

Installation: Installing an invisible hob usually requires Work-top experts, and their fees can add to the overall cost.

Invisible Hob Options To Suit Every Taste

Invisible Worktop Hob Options To Suit Every Taste

  1. Taj Mahal Porcelain

  2. Marquina Select Porcelain

  3. Calacatta Gold Porcelain

  4. Labradorite Porcelain

  5. Native Fog Full body 3D Porcelain




Taj Mahal Porcelain is a stunning beige slab that has a subtle blend of cream, white and brown. The colours are together blended in such a way that they form a soothing flowing pattern. Whatever your kitchen style, installing this… read more





Marquina Select Porcelain is a stunning slab that has a perfect blend of black and white . The base is a jet black that is topped by white designs that look like linear veins and scratches. Whatever your kitchen style,… read more





Labradorite Porcelain is an eye-catching engineered surface stone with a striking blue base colour and colours like golden-yellow and black forming interesting patterns on it. It mimics the beauty of natural stones with better moisture resistance. Its blue colour exhibits… read more


**Please Note: These slabs can be used for any general purpose like making splashbacks, vanity tops, breakfast bars, office worktops, home bars, etc. These slabs are available in different thicknesses. However, only 20 mm is suitable for invisible burner installation.

Get Your Invisible Hob Worktop Renovate This 2024

We at Work-tops have a very wide range of invisible cooktops options that are suitable for all kinds of home and commercial projects. We have multiple colours, various patterns, and different sizes in all price ranges. So, do not wait; pick up your phone and dial 0330 113 5868 or email to send your queries before the dates are all booked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Do Invisible Cooktops Work?

Invisible cooktops use advanced induction technology beneath a smooth surface, providing a seamless and efficient cooking experience.

  • Are Invisible Cooktops Easy To Clean?

Yes, the sleek surface of invisible cooktops is easy to clean, and spills or splatters can be wiped away effortlessly, making kitchen maintenance a breeze.

  • Can Invisible Cooktops Be Installed In Any Kitchen?

Invisible cooktops are versatile and can be installed in most kitchens. They come in various sizes and styles, offering flexibility to suit different design preferences and space requirements.

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