Restaurant Patio Fire Pit Surround Ideas

Restaurant Patio Fire Pit Surround Ideas

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Transform your restaurant's outdoor dining experience with these captivating patio fire pit surround ideas. Explore innovative designs using stone materials to create a warm and inviting ambiance. From cosy seating arrangements to stylish fire pit enclosures, Discover how these ideas add charm and comfort, making your restaurant patio a captivating retreat for guests to enjoy delicious meals in a delightful atmosphere. Ignite the magic of outdoor dining with our curated fire pit surround inspiration that blends aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

What Material Do You Put Around A Fire Pit?

Restaurant Patio Fire Pit Surround Ideas

When choosing materials to surround a fire pit, stones are an excellent and stylish option that adds charm and functionality. Opt for durable and heat-resistant stones, Granite, Slate, or Sandstone. These enhance the fire pit area's aesthetic appeal and provide a safe and stable surface. Consider creating a stone seating wall around the fire pit, allowing guests to gather and enjoy the warmth comfortably. The natural textures and colours of stones add a rustic and inviting touch, creating a cosy atmosphere for your outdoor space. With stones, you elevate the visual appeal and ensure a practical and long-lasting surround for your fire pit.




Cosmic White Granite, known by the other name Viscount White Granite, is a fantastic option for your kitchen countertops with waves of grey, white, and black. The immensely intricate beauty of nature is brought to light by the Cosmic White… read more





Ardesia Slate is an identifiable type of igneous material recognized for its unusual appearance, robustness, and versatility. Mica, chlorite, quartz, and other minerals with refined grains constitute most of their composition. Dark black is the standard shade of Ardesia Slate,… read more





Niwala White Sandstone is a fine grain light creamy white sandstone quarried in Spain with an abundance of fossils. This stone is ideal for building stone, ornamental stone, countertops, mosaic, landscaping stone, monuments, stairs, paving tiles, and other design projects.Niwala… read more


Are Affordable Fire Pit Tables For The Restaurant Surround Expensive?

Affording patio fire pit surround tables for a restaurant surround doesn't have to be overly expensive, especially when considering stone options. While high-end materials like Granite or Marble can be a bit pricier, there are budget-friendly stone choices like concrete or sandstone that offer both affordability and durability. Stone fire pit surrounds invest in long-lasting elegance and create a cosy ambiance for your restaurant patio. Plus, the versatile nature of stones allows for various designs, ensuring you can find a cost-effective solution that aligns with your budget while enhancing the overall appeal of your outdoor dining space.

Restaurant Patio Fire Pit Surround Ideas:

Welcome to a world of warmth and charm as we explore delightful patio fire pit surround ideas for your restaurant patio. Elevating your outdoor dining experience, these ideas blend aesthetics and functionality, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests to savour their meals.

Stone Elegance For Your Fire Pit

Embrace the timeless allure of stone for your patio fire pit surrounds. Granite or Marble, with their luxurious textures, add a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, opt for the earthy charm of Slate or Sandstone for a rustic appeal. These durable stones enhance the visual appeal and ensure longevity in your restaurant's outdoor space.

Built-In Seating Walls

Consider incorporating built-in stone seating walls around the patio fire pit surround. This provides a comfortable and cosy atmosphere for guests and adds a sense of enclosure, creating an intimate setting for conversations and relaxation. Choose stones complementing your restaurant's aesthetic, tying together the elements for a cohesive look.

Fire Pit Enclosures

Create a stylish enclosure for the fire pit using a combination of stones. Build low walls around the patio fire pit surround, leaving openings for warmth to radiate. This enclosure enhances safety and serves as a decorative element, becoming a focal point that draws patrons to your outdoor seating area.

Mixed Materials For Visual Interest

Play with various materials to add visual interest to your fire pit surroundings. Combine stones with metal or wood accents for a dynamic and modern look. This blend of textures creates a captivating environment, making your restaurant patio a standout destination for patrons seeking a unique outdoor dining experience.

Natural Stone Pathways

Extend the stone theme beyond the immediate patio fire pit surround area by incorporating natural pathways. This adds a sense of continuity and guides patrons to various seating sections on the patio. Choose stones that complement the overall design, enhancing the flow and aesthetics of the outdoor space. Visit our Natural Stone Collection Page.

Fire Pit Tables With Stone Bases

Opt for patio fire pit surround tables with stone bases for a cohesive and elegant look. Combining a tabletop fire feature with a stone base creates a functional and stylish centrepiece for each dining area. It offers the warmth of a traditional fire pit while providing a practical surface for patrons. Add this Autumn Brown Sandstone that will give you an elegant look for your fire pit.




Autumn Brown Sandstone is a gorgeous brown-grey natural stone. This stone looks fit for both traditional as well as classy modern settings. It is sure to create remarkable designs in your exterior and interior spaces. It feels like a dream… read more





Travertino Romano Classico Travertine is characterised by its light beige or ivory colour with subtle variations in tone. It typically features distinctive, porous textures caused by the presence of voids or cavities in the stone. These voids can vary in… read more





Pierre De Lens Limestone is an enduring and trustworthy natural stone material through which it got a recognizable buttery beige tone. Among the materials that are most prevalent for usage in every kind of embellished space, such the ones found… read more


Landscape Integration

Blend the patio fire pit seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Integrate plants and greenery around the stones to soften the hardships. This creates a harmonious balance between the warmth of the fire pit and the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Customizable Lighting

Customizable Lighting

Enhance the ambiance with customizable lighting integrated into the stone surround. Recessed lighting or strategically placed fixtures can highlight the texture of the stones, creating a mesmerising play of light and shadow during the evening hours.

The same fire pit like this you can recreate in a restaurant fire pit surround.

How Can I Make My Outdoor Fire Pit More Fun

S'mores Station:

Encourage guests to create gooey delights, adding a tasty and interactive element to the fire pit experience.

Cosy Seating Nooks:

Arrange comfortable seating around the fire pit in a way that encourages conversation and camaraderie. Comfy cushions, blankets, and outdoor-friendly board games can turn the space into a social hub.

Musical Vibes:

Bring in some tunes! Whether it's a portable speaker or live acoustic performances, music can enhance the ambiance and make the fire pit gatherings even more enjoyable.

Outdoor Movie Nights:

Transform your patio fire pit surround area into an outdoor cinema. Set up a screen, project movies onto a nearby wall, or use a portable screen. Don't forget the popcorn for the ultimate movie night under the stars.

Fire Pit Games:

Introduce some fire pit-friendly games like horseshoes, cornhole, or ring toss. These activities add a playful touch and keep the energy high around the fire.

Themed Evenings:

Spice things up with themed evenings. Whether it's a beach party with tropical drinks or a rustic night with hearty stews, changing the theme can bring variety and excitement to your fire pit gatherings.

How Do You Maintain A Commercial Patio Fire Pit?

Restaurant Patio Fire Pit Surround Ideas

Maintaining a commercial patio fire pit surrounded by a few friendly steps is a breeze. Regularly sweep away debris, ensuring the area stays tidy. Wipe down stone surfaces to prevent buildup and maintain their lustre. Check gas connections for safety and functionality. Invest in weather-resistant covers to shield the fire pit during off-hours. Encourage staff to report any issues promptly. By incorporating these simple tasks into your routine, you'll keep your commercial fire pit surround looking inviting and operating safely for guests to enjoy.


Incorporating these patio fire pit surround ideas into your restaurant patio enhances the visual appeal and creates a memorable and comfortable dining experience for your guests. Let the warmth of the fire, the elegance of stones, and the thoughtful design elements transform your outdoor space into a captivating haven for patrons to enjoy delightful meals in a cosy atmosphere.

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