Rosso Venato Marble Bookmatch; Match the Perfect Ones

Rosso Venato Marble Bookmatch; Match the Perfect Ones

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A white-grey natural stone with crimson veins is called Rosso Venato Marble Bookmatch. Two when combined produce a pleasing veining pattern that is frequently utilised in bookmatch designs. Whether it is a home or commercial property, this marble will raise its worth. Due to its exceptional durability, fire resistance, and exquisiteness, this lovely and unique stone offers possibilities for a variety of interior project designs, from kitchens to fire hearths.

Applications include office desks, worktops, walls, floors, vanity tops, stairs, shower areas, and fire hearths.




Rosso Levanto Marble Bookmatch stone has a subtle burgundy base and white veins that contrast nicely with the background. Rosso Levanto marble has a deep red background with green and black hints and off-white veining. The Rosso Levanto marble is… read more


Designing Book-Matched Marbles for Applications and Decorative Purposes

Designing Book-Matched Marbles for Applications and Decorative Purposes

Marble is a magical stone that can infuse any area with a sense of opulence. The book-matching method can be applied to produce outcomes that are genuinely amazing. Traditionally, book-matched slabs were laid by architects and interior designers on sizable surfaces and areas that would "give credit" to their projects. Book-matching software is commonly seen in hotel lobbies, business offices, restaurants, and other public spaces.

However, book-matching has recently been used in smaller settings as well, thanks to a more modern approach to interior design. Interior design has seen a significant expansion in the number of book-matching applications, with marble emerging as the pinnacle of the natural arts. Book-matching is being employed in an expanding variety of inventive ways, including flooring and wall cladding in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas.

These programmes offer a fresh, cutting-edge method for designing modern interiors and exteriors and buildings.

Elegant Marble Wall for the Living Room

Elegant Marble Wall for the Living Room

  • You spend a lot of time and effort in your living room or front room. The living room is where the entire family spends the majority of their free time. It usually serves as a place to unwind, enjoy time with loved ones, or entertain guests. The family room can have a variety of functions depending on how your home is designed. It is usually used as a typical sitting area, a place to watch TV.

  • The designs and structure of Rosso Venato marble Bookmatch should be understood in order to achieve a contemporary aesthetic. Even the materials and appearance of marble are altered for various spaces, such as the floor and kitchen. These two concepts explain how to create delicate, unbiased marble scenes without leaving a polished artistic layout narrative.

  • The flat-screen TV you choose will look fantastic and improve the appearance of your space when it is mounted on a marble wall design. Even kitchen cabinets, furniture, and other items are chosen based on the marble's colour and texture.

  • Marble and wood brace walls catch the light in more interesting ways than a level dividing

  • If you design the white marble wall in your living room, pendant lighting creates a hypnotic atmosphere.

  • On the other side, a complementary bedside table light is placed, and by decorating the marble wall in the living room, you may alter the appearance.

  • A small architect table lamp is used to furnish the marble and smooth wood workspace, which is an original way to decorate the wall.

Advantages of Having a Marble Flooring:

Advantages of Having a Marble Flooring


The look of marble floor tiles is opulent. Their royal aspect can instantly improve a room's appearance and atmosphere. It comes in a broad selection of hues and tones. You can combine several colours to create an amazing colour scheme and design for your floor.


Because it is a naturally translucent stone, marble has long been prized by artists and architects. Because of the glow that stone produced when it was exposed to sunlight, statues and flooring were preferred in this medium. The brilliance of marble floors is unparalleled even today.

Unique and Different

Since marble is a natural stone, each tile is distinct from the others and contains veins that grow in no particular pattern. Compared to tiles with several colours, the distinctive marble features are more subdued in those with a single colour.


When compared to synthetic floor materials, which cause the emission of hazardous gases and toxic wastes, natural stones like marble don't require any kind of chemical processing and are therefore more environmentally friendly. Marble floors also bring the beauty of nature into the confines of your house.

Using Marble in the Bathroom: Style Advice

Using Marble in the Bathroom

Marble is a durable stone that may be utilised in any bathroom surface. It can be used to cover the entire floor, counters, sinks, and even shower walls. Nevertheless, there are characteristics of marble that you need to take into account depending on where you plan to use it.

Look for marble that has a lot of natural variety in the stone since it will give the room more personality. For more visual intrigue, combine various sizes and shapes. Marble's ability to blend in with any other material, including wood, stainless steel, and other stones like quartz or granite, is part of what makes it such a versatile material. You can simply combine natural marble with other materials to reduce the cost, time, and energy required for upkeep and care.

Choose these Marble Stones for more veined patterns:

Choose these Marble Stones for Your Kitchen

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Rosso Levano marble has a subtle burgundy base and white veins that contrast nicely with the background. Rosso Levanto marble has a deep red background with green and black hints and off-white veining. The Rosso Levano marble is stunning. Only… read more





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Dark Emperador Marble The delicate cream veins on the Dark Emperador Marble is the depiction of sophistication. It is especially good for countertops, wall and floor applications. It is also suited for interior and exterior designs. Dark Emperador marble is… read more

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