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Black Countertops for Kitchen - Installation and Fabrication

Black countertops are popular with homeowners looking for a stylish colour that will last. Black countertops are a versatile style that can be used as a dramatic accent to a neutral room or to complement an eye-catching monochromatic design. The striking dark colour is also more likely to conceal any marks, stains, or scratches, making it simple to keep it looking newer for longer. Check out our new collection of black countertops in different varieties of natural stone.Learn more










Customers of the present-day scenario do not want to be conventionally cliche. This has led to an uprising desire amongst homeowners to create the most unique looking kitchens. They are experimenting and adventuring with colours and designs. One such choice is a complete black kitchen, which has become quite popular as of now. People, especially elite homeowners, have been exploring everything from glossy black cabinets to black granite countertops, along with floors and appliances. This colour has the potential to bring about a sophisticated look, making your space look unbelievably expensive. 

Black Kitchen

Black kitchen designs are simple to personalise and can be achieved in layouts large and small with careful planning and styling. This black kitchen inspiration will inspire a redesign in any home, whether it is a striking minimalistic look, an engineered style, or a luxurious design that allows for entertaining. 

Is Picking a Black Countertop a Wrong Choice?

Why should one compromise on their choice just because it seemed unconventional.? It’s not unknown that every kitchen type and colour choices come with their own pros and cons. If you’re gonna settle with a choice, just settle with what you have in your mind, cause at the end of the day you are still gonna have to put the effort into maintaining your kitchen worktops regardless of the colour choice. So just cancel your dilemmas and get ready for a chic look. 


Is Black Good for Kitchen

Black is timeless, and it works equally well in the kitchen as it does in the wardrobe. Black kitchen worktops are a sophisticated choice for creating an elegant kitchen, and because black goes with everything, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to designing your kitchen colour scheme!


Popular Finishes of Black Countertops:


Matte worktops show an absence of high polished finishes. Although less common than glossy ones, they are still high in demand. Honed granite is one such example if you are looking for a deep black worktops with a softer finish. This versatile choice will allow you to pair it up with almost any style or colour of the other components of your space. As it is one of the most durable and hard-wearing amongst the variety of granites, it makes an ideal choice for commercial purposes along with residential spaces and even comes at the most affordable and best kitchen prices. 


Gloss kitchens are more popular choices amongst homeowners as compared to matte. Their capability to reflect light gives a shiny, bright kitchen. Black worktops with a polished gloss finish are eye-catchy, elegant and classic. They are highly non-porous, giving a tough competition to marble and granite. They are acid and scratch-resistant too, making them a popular choice for everything from walls, backsplashes, and floors to countertops. You can even decorate your breakfast bars with marble worktops plants, they not only make it look aesthetic but also absorb your indoor pollutants. 

Black Kitchen Countertop Benefits: 

They are Easy to Clean:

Black is one of the best colours for your kitchen worktops. It hides specks of dirt, and won't stain as often as compared to lighter countertops. You don't need to care about the wear and tear of the countertop as it doesn't show any scratches and stains, which means that it will last longer. For a low-maintenance choice to withstand all the hustle and bustle of home cooking and your busy family life, an all-black will be the best choice. 

Easy to Style:

I do not hesitate to tell you that Black is the soulmate of colours. Anything not looking its best can be paired with it for satisfactory compatibility. This being said, if you are planning to choose black worktops, you have a wide range of colour choices for other features and appliances to create a jaw-dropping outlook. Cabinets are best paired with metal handles for an exquisite look.  

They are Hard-Wearing:

Depending on which material you choose, a black worktops can last for a long time because of its ability to hide wear and tear. A granite worktops is the best choice of all if durability and long-lasting features are concerned. However, if you’re into natural wood more, you can still go for it and maintain its longevity with the use of worktops oils. 

Ideas for kitchens: 

Pair with White Cabinets:

If you're choosing black worktops for your kitchen, you can style your cabinets with white, as they give you a glossy look with good contrast. Or vice versa with your white marble worktops. Both the colours are elegant, thus providing a vintage yet classy look. 

Create a Bold Feature Wall:

Black looks excellent with bold colours, so you can create a feature wall with your favourite bright colour that adds beauty to the kitchen's stone worktops. 

Go for Bright Cabinets:

If you're choosing a dark worktop, why not customize your cabinets with bright colours to make your kitchen look modern. You can create two-tone effects with colours that are contrasting, have your cabinet on the walls or under the countertops, according to the plan you’ve decided. 

Invite Wood into Your Kitchen:

Pair your black style perfectly with wood. Adding wood to your cookhouse is not a problem if you are maintaining them regularly with worktops oils. 

Match Your Countertops with Your Lighting:

Whatever cabinet colour you're using, if you're using black worktops, then the light reflecting directly on it makes it look beautiful. So, choose something with ambient light, be it pendant type or any other and make your space look great. 

Take Care of Fixings:

Adding black to your additional appliances like taps, holders, hangings, etc. will make your modern style kitchen look supreme. 

Popular Granite Worktops

Cambrian Granite:

The rice-grain effect in addition to a silver reflection is the characteristic feature of this stone. It makes the best choice if you love to have white cabinets with black countertops, or the opposite, for the best contrast. 

Agatha Granite:

This exotic granite is one of the oldest ones and is quarried in Brazil. It has a dark background that is stunningly highlighted with light grey and white wavy veins exhibiting an essence of movement and depth that looks gorgeous both as countertops and fire hearths. 

Black Galaxy Granite:

This granite is originally from south India. Due to the high moisture resistance, durability, and little need for maintenance, it makes a perfect choice for flooring along with countertops.

Black Pearl Granite:

This stone can be complemented with a range of colours and styles, both traditional and modern, as it shows hints of silver, blue, green and grey on its dark background. It can also be paired beautifully with metallic appliances.

Indian Black Granite:

As suggested by the name, this material is quarried in India although it can be widely available for kitchen worktops UK. It has a deep dark background scattered with minute, coloured flecks of bronzite. These flecks shine vigorously when light falls upon them, thus creating a sparkling kitchen worktop.  This stone is commendably good for a wide range of purposes like interior and exterior wall and floor applications, countertops, window sills, pools, water fountains and even statues and memorials.