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Dekton stones create soulful places where elegance and efficiency dwell in perfect harmony, inspiring the evolution of art and architecture. Technically speaking, Dekton worktops are extremely compressed stones made by deciphering natural stone and upgrading it by unlocking its special charm and functionality.

Dekton is a complex blend of more than 20 naturally occurring minerals. Using Dekton surfaces means enhancing any construction design with perfection in practical appeal.

The polyvalent nature of Dekton surfaces makes it appropriate for all applications, even those requiring the most rigorous circumstances, such as stairways or exterior floors. Learn more







Reasons to Choose Dekton Surfaces:

Dekton Flooring is Durable

Dekton is the perfect material for both residential and commercial applications, including facades and floors in corporate environments with high traffic because it resists degradation and is superior to granite and porcelain. Yes, Dekton stones are all-rounders. They can be used for everything from kitchen worktops to flooring and facades. But be aware that the stone will gradually erode in high-density areas because of the anti-stain treatment given to it.

Dekton Worktop Can Tolerate Pressure

Dekton is ideal for everyday usage due to its excellent tolerance to pressure and scrapes. According to the Mohs scale for measuring mineral toughness, it is as hard as quartz, rating 7/10.

Dekton Splashbacks are Moisture Safe

Due to Dekton's exceptionally low permeability, it is exceptionally immune to moisture and contaminants, which are easily cleaned with regular cleaning supplies. As a result, they are the perfect option for splashbacks in your bathrooms, kitchens, and showers, among other places that see humidity and moisture on a regular basis.

We Have Many Dark and Light Coloured Materials

Dark Kitchens

Dark colours, especially black Dekton stones produce classic designs. Black is one such colour which goes along and looks perfect with any other colour from the spectrum. Any type of personal room, whether modern, traditional, or minimalist, can benefit from the various dark tones that Dekton stone presents. The options can produce continuous, polished, or veined effects, or they can generate striking accents in line with the popular All-Black aesthetic.

Light Interiors

There are many different white tones available in natural stone, and each one can be used to create a room that is vibrant, simple, graceful, or traditional. White can work well in any setting, offering spaciousness and brightness for significant benefit. Dekton stones are offered in several colours besides white, such as orange, cream, and grey.

Variety of Surface Finishes

Dekton stone surfaces are offered in polished finish, leather finish, smooth matt finish, textured matt finish and velvet finish. One can choose the polished finish if they are looking to make their kitchens look brighter or have small kitchens because the glossy nature of polished finish is meant to reflect maximum light. The matt finish gives a sophisticated outlook. A leather finish is an excellent option for people who enjoy natural touches because it is designed to create a more rough, more raw texture.

Dekton Slabs - Care and Maintenance

Dekton stones and surfaces made of it are primarily appreciated and useful due to their durability and scratch-plus moisture resistance. Dekton worktops aren't just useful in kitchens; they're also excellent for use as a bar workstation in the yard, where splattered alcoholic beverages and the sun's UV rays have no negative effects on the surface. Yet, some maintenance, care, and usage precautions need to be taken since Dekton, like other surfaces, although powerful and resistant to many different things are not indestructible. So, let us see what these precautions are. Dekton requires very little maintenance. All Dekton surfaces are practically non-porous and enjoy high resistance from staining in everyday usage. To keep your Dekton area looking beautiful and shiny for decades to come, just wash it with a non-abrasive mop, soap, and lukewarm water. Any general-purpose cleaner with a pH balance may also be utilised. You may also use soap and water, but ensure that the soap is pH neutral.

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Call 03301135868  or email  with your Dekton stones and all kinds of worktop enquiries. We install every type of surface; kitchen worktops, outdoor kitchens, office worktops, reception worktops, home bars, commercial bar tops, bathroom vanity tops, etc. We also have materials that suit invisible hob worktop installation.