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Granite Tiles

Granite tiles are sturdy and robust, and thus in high demand. Work-tops offer these solid tiles in a variety of colours. Granite tile makes for gorgeous bathroom walls and floors. Granite tiling is one of the most chosen flooring options due to its long lasting nature. It instantly gives a room a more upscale appearance. Granite is a natural material, therefore there can never be a duplicate, giving you the opportunity to create a design that is exclusively yours. Granite is a well-known natural stone and is used for walls, floors, and countertops. The high calibre, typical brilliance, and stone structure of granite tiles are well known. These tiles have a wonderful aesthetic appeal; in addition to being attractive and consistently distinctive, they are also incredibly robust and have a variety of purposes. Learn More

Standard Granite Tile Sizes And Dimensions:

Tiles made of Granite are available in various different sizes and they usually differ from supplier to supplier, but some commonly available sizes are:-

  • 1200mm * 600mm
  • 600mm * 600mm
  • 600mm * 300mm
  • 400mm *400mm

Thickness Of Granite Tiles For Floors:

Popularly chosen thickness of granite tile for flooring is 20 mm. For heavy traffic zones like commercial places, people also go for 30mm. If it is for areas like private bathrooms that see low foot traffic per use, 16 to 20 mm is a good choice too.

Uses Of Granite Tile For Properties:

Granite Tiles are popularly used in residential and commercial places for:

  • Kitchen floors

  • Kitchen Worktops

  • Kitchen walls

  • Kitchen splashback

  • Entryway walls and floors

  • Bathroom floors

  • Bathroom walls

  • Bathroom splashback

  • Living Room

  • Outdoor wall cladding

  • Garden floor pavings

  • Garden walls

  • Pool sides

  • Subway floors

  • Airport floors and walls

  • Commercial showrooms

  • Reception floors, etc

Granite Tiles For Kitchen

Because they provide our kitchens a clean and striking appearance, Granite tile has become a more highly regarded material for kitchen flooring. This natural stone's polished, smooth feel can add elegance to your kitchen's appearance. If you don't like shiny surfaces, you can also choose them in various finishes like honed, leathered, flamed, etc.

Bathroom Granite Tile

Because of its durability, Granite tile is a popular choice for bathrooms. Granite tile can be utilised on the floor, the walls, or the shower area. They make the bathroom highly durable.

Granite Tile For Entrance Area

We are all aware that first impressions are lasting. When guests arrive at our house or apartment, the Home Entryway is the first thing they see. It is also the last place one sees before leaving our home for the day. This space's importance is shown by these two momentous events, although it is typically overlooked in favour of the bedroom or living room. Designing an entrance that is both eye-catching and practical, stunning but fully practical, requires careful balance. Even though we only visit there when we're travelling, it's still crucial to get the home's design right for this area. Installing Granite tile flooring in your front foyer is a smart investment.

Living Room Floor With Granite Tile

Based on your family, the living room may see varying amounts of foot activity, but Granite flooring will require little upkeep and will last a very long time. The modern stone can be modified to numerous styles over time. You won't need to replace it when you update the items surrounding it because it is so strong and long-lasting.

Granite Tile Kitchen Worktop Maintenance:

To maintain your kitchen worktops made of Granite tiles;

  • Always use coasters and trivets on Granite tile counters to keep it looking newer.

  • Use brushes to scrub the dust in between the grouts

  • Remove the spills from tiled worktops right away by blotting them with paper towels first, then washing the surface with mild soap and water.

Granite Floor Tile Maintenance:

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Wipe the dust away

  2. Vacuum carefully and according to the correct instructions.

  3. Pick a gentle soap with a neutral PH for wet wiping.

  4. Use a soft cloth rather than an abrasive sponge to clean.

  5. Remove excess water by dry wiping off the surface to avoid water stains.

  6. Use floor mats beside each of your entrances to protect your Granite surfaces from stains.

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