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Sensa is a series of premium granite and quartzite slabs that have been specially treated to resist stains. Each of these stones has a protective coating that keeps stains from permeating the surface without the need for further treatments, making it simple to maintain ensuring you are able to relish rooms with distinctive designs made by nature. Learn More


Beauty of Sensa Worktop:

Sensa surfaces are high-quality natural granites and quartzites sourced from the finest quarries in India and Brazil. These collections have a touch of uniqueness and that exotic vibe in them. Your Sensa kitchen worktops will be extremely visually appealing.

Difference Between Sensa Stones and Commonly Used Sealants:

Sensa Stones

Commonly Sealed Stones

These stones do not need repeated sealing

stones need annual sealing

The granite pores are not blocked as sensa is chemically bonded

The granite pores are blocked as common sealants are only coated on surface

Treatment remains intact over longer duration

Sealant treatment disintegrates with time

One can use common cleaning agents, as it is unaffected

One cannot use common cleaning agents, as protection gets damaged

Colour Range of Sensa Slabs:

The slabs are currently offered in coloured like black, white, ivory, blue, cream, grey, green, dark grey, multi colours, mixed black, and gold, etc. Any type of personal room, whether modern, traditional, or minimalist, can benefit from the various dark tones that natural stone presents. The options can produce continuous, polished, or veined effects, or they can generate striking accents in line with the popular All-Black aesthetic. Dark colours especially black excel in producing classic designs.

Similarly, many different lighter tones available in natural stone can be used to create a room that is vibrant, simple, graceful, or traditional. White can work well in any setting, offering spaciousness and brightness for significant benefit.

Variety of Sensa Surface Finishes:

Sensa surfaces are offered in polished finish, Matt finish, and leather finish. One can choose the polished finish if they are looking to make their kitchens look brighter or have small kitchens because the glossy nature of polished finish is meant to reflect maximum light. The matt finish gives a sophisticated outlook. A leather finish is an excellent option for people who enjoy natural touches because it is designed to create a more rough, more raw texture.

Sensa Slab Sizes:

The slabs come in a minimum of 2500 mm x 1500 mm dimensions. They are offered in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.

Sensa Surfaces for Paving:

Sensa stones can be used for everything from kitchen worktops to flooring and facades. But be aware that the anti-stain treatment might gradually erode when used in paving areas because the pressure and high degradation from wear go deeper than the treatment.

Almost Zero Maintenance Sensa Stones

The Sensa coating gives the stones great stain protection and virtually no care requirements.

We recommend cleaning the face of the counters on a periodic basis to keep the newness of it for a longer period.

One can use a mild dishwashing liquid or a couple of drops of a pH-neutral cleanser for regular cleaning. Wiping down with a lukewarm, wet towel and gentle rubbing motions to prevent scratching the upper layers delivers the finest results. It is necessary to wash and dry the material after cleanup.

Is Sensa Stain-Proof After Treatment?

Sensa-treated granites and quartzites are not bulletproof. But it is a fact that the stone won't alter as long as the safe exposure times to colouring substances are not violated.

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