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Silestone slabs are made of quality minerals, quartz, and reusable materials. It is produced using cutting-edge advanced technologies. Whether you want to completely redo an old kitchen or just update the worktops, these Worktops are perhaps a fantastic alternative. Learn More

















Benefits of Silestone Kitchens

Highly Stain Resistant

Silestone Worktops are solid and non-porous, so they don't retain moisture and don't require sealing, unlike marble and granite. On Silestone counters, liquids like latte, liquor, lubricants, as well as other frequently used kitchen substances won't leave behind permanent stains. If you cook a lot, this is advantageous.

Safe From Acidic Spills

A kitchen worktop sees regular spillages from citric fruits and juices, so the advantage here is that you need not worry. As these surfaces have extremely low porosity, there are fewer chances of those harsh spills penetrating the worktop.

Highly Impact Resistant

Your kitchen usually faces impacts from heavy cooking pans and other objects. There are fewer possibilities of your Silestone worktop getting damaged by the pressure of that heavy equipment because they can withstand the high level of impacts

Wide Range of Style

Contrary to natural stone, Silestone is available in a wide range of forms, shades, and motifs that are uniform throughout, making it simple to match the colour of your worktops with your new or pre-existing cabinet doors or floor coverings. This is an excellent material for kitchen designers since it works with almost any kitchen style be it industrial-style kitchens or one with a natural vibe.

Frequent Sealing is not Required

The simplicity of maintenance is another factor contributing to Silestone's potential to surpass other worktop surfaces. Like other typical worktop surfaces like granite and marble, Silestone really does not demand sealing or resealing, and unlike Corian, it will never need to be re-sanded because of nicks.

Sustainable Choice

As these slabs are manufactured using recyclable materials, using these for your designs means you are contributing to environmental protection. By investing in Silestone worktops, you are directly and indirectly producing less waste that gets dumped in landfills.

Variety of Silestone Surface Finishes:

Silestone surfaces are offered in Polished finish, Suede finish, and Volcano finish. One can choose the polished finish if they are looking to make their kitchens look brighter or have small kitchens because the glossy nature of polished finish is meant to reflect maximum light. The Suede finish is nothing but a matt-finished stone that gives a sophisticated outlook and is uniquely soft and pleasant to touch. Volcano finish is an excellent option for people who enjoy natural touches because it is designed to create a more rough, raw texture but it is also soft and pleasant to the eye.

Silestone Slab Sizes:

The slabs are usually offered in two sizes that are 3250 mm x 1590 mm which is the jumbo size and 3060 mm x 1440 mm which is the standard size. They are offered in 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm thicknesses.

Uses of Silestone Surfaces:

These stones can be used for a wide range of surfaces:

  • Kitchen worktops

  • Splashbacks

  • Bathroom vanity tops

  • Shower ledges

  • Shower floors and walls

  • Shower trays

  • Office desks

  • Reception tables

  • Study desks

  • Breakfast bars

  • Sinks

  • Flooring

  • Wall cladding, etc.

Silestone Maintenance

The Silestone stones are manufactured in such a way that they have virtually no care requirements. However, we recommend cleaning the face of the counters on a periodic basis to keep the newness of it for a longer period. One can use a mild dishwashing liquid or a couple of drops of a pH-neutral cleanser for regular cleaning. Wiping down with a lukewarm, wet towel and gentle rubbing motions to prevent scratching the upper layers delivers the finest results. It is necessary to wash and dry the material after cleanup.

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