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Silestone is fast becoming the most preferred material for kitchen worktops. Because of the wide range of colour options, Silestone kitchen countertops prove extremely easy to match with any style and decor. Learn More

Why Do We Recommend Silestone Worktops?

Silestone is the appropriate surface for kitchen worktops because it gives an excellent look to the particular room of your house. Silestone kitchen countertops can withstand the pressure of everyday cooking while looking as attractive as popular materials such as Marble.

We would gladly guide you through selecting & buying Silestone and commissioning your kitchen tops. Contact us directly regarding Silestone worktops at +44 0330 113 5868, chat live or email and one of our experts will contact you shortly.

Where Should You Get A Silestone Worktop?

If you're seeking a stone with a wide range of good practical properties paired with vast possibilities, Silestone is the right thing for you. Silestone is a stone that has a non-porous surface and is resistant to stains, including familiar kitchen villains like wine, coffee, acidic lemon juice, vinegar, and oils. Silestone outperforms nearly all other kitchen worktops in the market due to its ability to endure impacts and scratches. It is also resistant to heat (though we always recommend installing a safety pad/support beneath hot pots to avoid overexposure to heat).

Besides its durability, Silestone is also aesthetically pleasant. A wide range of colour options to capture your eye and alter your kitchen is in the galleries.

Huge Varieties Of Silestone Worktop Colours And Accents:

Silestone Worktops include a variety of designs, colours, and pigments. This variation inspires people to decide on any theme for their kitchen or bathroom. Furthermore, you will discover your desired textures and colours within our Silestone worktops line-up. These are just a few of our many Silestone Worktop collection designs. Explore the entire assortment at work-tops and order your Silestone worktops right away.

Silestone Worktops Reviews Will Fascinate You:

If you want a material that lasts a lifetime through your next home renovation project, Silestone is the perfect choice. It's a low-maintenance material with numerous advantages. This is a fantastic candidate for any kitchen due to its scratch, microbial, and stain resistance.

Even the most discerning home remodeler would be pleased by the various colours and styles. It also has the advantage of not requiring any sealants.

Thickness Available For Silestone Worktops Stone Installation

Silestone slabs come in three distinct sizes and thicknesses - 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm. While 30mm is the most common thickness for kitchen worktops, 20mm worktops are becoming increasingly popular for sleek, contemporary German-style kitchens. 20mm is also commonly used for upstands and hob splashbacks on walls.

Although 12mm could be used for kitchen worktops, it isn't a favourite since kitchen or solid top units must be reinforced to support the thinner worktops.

Slabs with a thickness of 12mm could be particularly handy for covering a large wall or units that require an extensive vertical application. It is also the least expensive of the three available thicknesses.

Silestone Worktops Price!

The cost of a Silestone worktop differs and is determined by the colour, thickness, and finish you select. Our free quotation service determines the price of Silestone worktops per metre. We can offer Silestone at highly competitive pricing. Silestone includes all of our Silestone colours and treatments. This helps us in determining the most affordable rate for you. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote or additional details on our Silestone goods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Corian The Same As Silestone?

Corian and Silestone can be commercially made (unlike raw stone); however, they differ significantly in internal and aesthetic components.

  • Is Silestone A Good Investment?

If you want a material that will last a lifetime and has a lifetime warranty, Silestone is the choice for your next home renovation project.

  • How Long Can Silestone Worktops Be Expected To Last?

Buying Silestone countertops ensures you will not have to replace your countertops, which will last at least 25 years.