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White Marble Worktops Collections for Your Kitchen


White marble worktops are the best choice for one who wants to design their kitchen. The white marble is a great colour, and it is suitable for small kitchens, as it looks more spacious. It is a neutral colour, and it goes along with all other colours in your kitchen. Combined with other bright kitchen wear, white will be the perfect match for your laminate worktops and bathroom worktops. Learn More

The white can show stains or starches; however, daily maintenance should be needed for the worktops. Any stains or acidic liquids may damage your worktops. So maintaining it regularly is essential stone worktops.

These are the Few White Marbles Stones

Arabescato Vagli:

Arabescato marble tends to be pearl white with greenish or tan yellow veins. Arabescato marble is quarried in the Italian Apuan Mountains, and the vein colour can range from tan yellow to gold bronze. Polish finish will enhance the beauty of the marble. It is available in 20mm thick slabs. The marble can be found in commercial and residential design areas granite worktops. 

Volakas Marble:

Volakas is a famous white marble quarried in northern Greece. These Greek marbles are characterised by a white background with dark grey veins crossing diagonally in a pattern that suits designing shelves' edging strips. The polished finish brings the stone's brilliance, and the Polish finish will enhance the grandeur of the marble. It has a polished finish and this white marble can be found widely used in application for bathrooms, fireplace, showers etc. 

Statuario Marble:

Statuario marble contains a bold and grey pattern with gold veining throughout. Statuario marble features heavy, bold veining and delicately thin patterns. It is quarried in Italy. There are two types of statuario: Bianco marble and venato marble. It is mostly used in commercial and residential design work like fireplace, walls, flooring etc.

Calacatta Crema:

Calacatta crema is soft, made of cream and gold veins running through the white background. It is also called Calacatta quartz Crema. It offers an attractive marble in a honed, polished, or brushed finish. Calacatta Crema is available in 20mm thick slabs. It is used in commercial and residential designs like ornamental stones, interior, exterior worktop edge, and square edge calacatta quartz.

Silver Fantasy:

Silver fantasy is a smoky grey marble with delicate veins running through the grey background. It can be linear or diagonal, depending on each block. This marble is quarried from India. It is durable, and the combination of grey, white and silver makes the marble stylish, and it is a good option for interior designing. The smoky grey natural stone marble is also called as Silver Fantasy.

Carrara Marble:

This white Carrara marble is a white-grey ground colour, shining grains with smoky grey veins, which is running through the stone. The ground colour and veins of the marble will make this material spectacular. The Carrara quartz marble is used for stairs, kitchen worktops, and tombstone art. It gives you the white marble effect.

So most of you will be looking forward to renovating your kitchen, then don’t doubt, choose marble, it gives you an elegant look and think that you are using marble on your kitchen worktops. After selecting the stone, you will start thinking about the colour or shade you want? Have you ever thought of white marble? Just because of your fear of the stains and maintenance, will it give you an elegant look and feel that you can’t leave the kitchen?

There are Bianco Statuario, Calacatta, Bianco Carrara, and others among those white marble. All these marbles have different veining types, which will also differ in colour.  

There are Five Reasons Why You Should Choose White Marble Worktops (Marble Effect Worktops):

Not a Bold Colour:

Many people think that white marble is not a bright colour, but it will show all kinds of marks, but people prefer black. Black also requires maintenance and will show up with all sorts of marks. Whoever uses black worktops needs care, as required for white marble worktops.

Stunning Appearance of White Marble Kitchen

Marble has such a beautiful appearance on its own; white sparkle worktop or white marble worktops adds even more beauty to that place and finishes off the look perfectly. Marble offers elegance to the kitchen, the centrepiece, and the topic of conversation. If you want your kitchen to have elegance and a perfect style, then white marble worktops are the way forward as they will not go out of style.

You can Transform the Look of White Marble Countertops with different finishes

The whole stone industry has to go through a massive wave of technology transforming the product. But now, there are so many ways to finish the stone with brushing and polishing techniques quartz kitchen worktops. Firstly, the most popular choice is polished, which always looks glossy and comes honed in the form of matte. If you're very concerned about your white marble countertop, white quartz worktop, be cautious with acid items at your laminate surface quartz worktops. 

White Marble Matches Well as a Kitchen Countertop

If you want to change the kitchen's theme, white is the best colour to choose. White worktops go with almost every colour out there. So you never have to worry about changing your theme or appliances; your white kitchen worktops will never be replaced. Whatever theme you change, dark or light white kitchen worktops are the best choice.

Smaller Kitchens:

For those who don't have a large kitchen, a white marble worktop is the best choice for your kitchen. It will create an illusion that the kitchen is large. So white is the best colour. White will reflect and bounce the light all around the kitchen, making your kitchen look spacious and marble laminate. 

Hygienic and Fresh:

Marble worktops give you a polished look; it looks very clean, fresh, and hygienic when it comes to a white marble worktop, perfect for a kitchen. White worktops are clean when compared to grey worktops and black worktops. 

Seo des: White marble countertop are the luxurious stones available in the market. It gives you an elegant look that makes your kitchen look versatile and classic.