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Absolute Black is an enchantingly black granite giving depth and sophistication to any space. The polished surface gives it a smooth and sleek appearance with subtle sparks of white. The colour of the granite is consistent owing to the minimal variation in pattern.

The Black granite is suited for designing floors. It is also recommended for interior and exterior flooring projects. The Absolute Black granite is quarried from India and is known by the names Jet Black, Nero Absolute.

Natural stone Granite does not come in regularly uniform colors because the colour of the granite is created at the discretion of nature. Hence, the Absolute Black Granite may show differences in colours and patterns from one slab to another.

Granites are natural stone which adds charm and elegance to any living space. Granites are formed by the slow crystallization of magma underneath the earth’s surface. It is composed mainly of natural quartz and feldspar with subtle amounts of organic minerals, mica, and amphiboles. This process of veining, swirling, and crystallization, as well as a beautiful natural palette of colours are formed under intense heat and pressure under the earth. Unlike marbles, granite worktops require easy and low-cost care practices.

The natural stone is devoid of chemicals and highly adapted for hot and cold weather conditions. An absolute Black Granite worktop is a sought-after natural stone for a variety of reasons such as resistance to corrosion by acidic liquids, low water absorption, stain resistance. Polished finish gives a sophisticated appeal to any given space apparently with a simple and low-cost maintenance routine.

Granite tiles usually go through different texture-defining processes like leather, flamed, brushed, polished, honed, and sandblasted finish. The granite is available in a polished finish with 20mm thickness. The polished finish of the granite brings out the brilliance and luster of the smooth surface, making the granite slab look unique and attractive.

The polished texture of the granite is remarkable for exterior application. Granite is an ideal choice for a granite floor. Our customer service functions under the principle “Your satisfaction is our priority”, We also provide free quotes and samples based on customer requests.


Application: Kitchen Island, countertops, floors, stairs, backsplashes.       


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