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Bianco Eclipse granite worktop has a grey base in shades of blue finished with deeper tones grouped in a marble design. Bianco Eclipse granite is extremely thick, ranging from white natural stone to pale grey. It is from Brazil and features little and huge grey veins that vary in design and colour tone. Bianco Eclipse granite is another name for this stone. This counter will be a wonderful addition to your home, which is an unmistakably a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens, having a great blend of softness and vivid colours. Bianco Eclipse is sure to match a wide range of interior designs and is especially compatible with cool-toned decor. The Bianco Eclipse becomes a modern and durable component of your home furnishings due to its impressive abrasion resistance and ability to preserve its elegant appearance for the foreseeable future. Bianco Eclipse granite is a very robust material, creating a surface that truly allows you to experience the best of natural stone. This natural stone is truly unique when combined with the appearance of marble. It provides an ideal balance of aesthetics and performance, allowing it to be employed in demanding industries and applications. Because of the lack of calcium, Bianco Eclipse granite is perfect for food preparation and work practices where hygiene is essential. Bianco Eclipse granite is applicable in slab forms with thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm as a requirement, as well as a variety of slab textures, including a sealant that gives the layer a unique mat, glassy, leather, and satin appearance, softening and strengthening its vein variations to varying degrees. It is also a stone with very low porosity that only requires maintenance every 18-24 months, based on the region and the level of use the slabs receive. Bianco Eclipse is a one-of-a-kind natural stone that remains to dazzle while also serving as a functional solution for kitchens, baths, walls, and other areas.

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Application: Kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, backsplash, fireplace, shower surround, flooring, outdoor kitchen countertop, etc.


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