Bianco Eclipsia Kitchen

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Bianco Eclipsia is a quartzite and it originates from Brazil. Its colour is between white and off-white with large and small grey veins that vary in patterns and shades of shade. It is among the most stunning instances of Brazilian marble.

The most common misconception about the stone's appearance is it's commonly sold as a quartzite however it actually is a marble, and doesn't possess the same quality quartz or the properties of the quartzite. It is classed as a dolomitic or calcitic marble geologically. Because of the abundance of calcite and the lack of quartz inclusions, the whiter it appears, the more fragile it will be.

This material has a white backdrop with a grey pattern, making it the most popular alternative to Marble for a kitchen surface. Depending on slab to slab, the pattern can range from a pebbly, patchy appearance to a wavy, fluid stream of veins. It's important to remember that this stone is a soft Quartzite, making it more susceptible to cracking and discolouration than others. Bianco Eclipsia quartzite is suitable for a wide range of indoor applications like kitchen island, breakfast bars, splashback, upstands. Polished or Leather finishes are popular for kitchen worktops. This stone has been given many distinct names over the years by various suppliers like Bianca Eclipsia, Moonrock, White Fantasy, White Vermont, Super White, etc.


Material Name: Bianco Eclipse Quartzite

Prominent Colours: Grey/Off white

Pattern: Dense veins and patches

Nature: Natural Stone

Origin: Brazil

Application: Indoor

Synonymous names: Bianca Eclipsia, Moonrock, White Fantasy, White Vermont, Super White