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Ever since the Romanic years, this marble has contributed to man made constructions and its splendour. Known also as Breccia di Seravezza, this history making marble comes from Italy. How would you imagine a stone quarry to look at? – that is the image of this marble. The lilac marble that has nuances of purple to light green and yellow with red and grey intrusions. The marble these days has gone to limited productions. Breccia MEDICEA is commonly used for indoor, outdoor floors and wall claddings. Ventilated facades and columns looks smart with this marble. If you want to decorate a small or medium project or you want to decorate a particular surface of a project this marble is considered to add prestige. Being a floor and wall marble, with their purple to violet to grey intrusions invest more of your time and effort, it will gain you much appreciation. And as for as the finishes go, Polish, Honing, Brushing, Bush hammering and Sandblasting are the options.

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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