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Carrara Marble

Since ancient times, White Carrara Marble has been used and created the office marble in 1564 to regulate the marble mining industry. The Basilica of Massa and the palace of Massa are built with Carrara marble because of their beauty. Carrara marble is a luxurious Italian marble with shades of white worktops and blue-grey. Carrara marble is the common marble type of light coloured marble. The background of this marble is white in colour and has thin, linear, and grey veining patterns. With these veining patterns, the identification of the marble is relatively easier. Compared to white quartz worktops, Carrara marble stays longer for years which is best suitable for home base worktops. This Carrara marble can be used in construction, interior decoration, concrete worktops, and art. People built religious buildings, monuments, and sculptures from Carrara marble in ancient civilizations like Roman. Many religious worship places have been decorated with these beautiful stones. There are countless palaces, castles, and forts adorned by Carrara marbles and are always considered the stone of royalty. It has covered many government offices and buildings as well; whether it is polished, honed finish, or tumbled, each has a unique finish, and the use of the marble is countless. Adding Carrara marble to a room transforms it into a work of art. Carrara marble is trendy. Italians used to cover their floors with Carrara marble tiles in cold months with decorative rugs and roll the carpet up in summer to keep them warm. These marble worktops for the kitchen look warm, elegant, and stylish when it comes to kitchen countertops, and they will coordinate with both dark and light cabinets. It is always fantastic to touch, and these marble worktops are less expensive when compared to other materials. The marble is not stain and scratch-resistant; this natural stone should be handled carefully. For kitchen worktops, it is a good sealer, and these kinds of white marbles can get damaged easily so that they can be used with coasters, placemats, and the marble's beauty lasts.

Carrara marble is mainly used for stairs, but nowadays it is suitable for white kitchen worktops, kitchen sink & taps, and work surfaces or covering, as well as it is useful for tombstone art. Another form of Carrara is Bianco Carrara or Venetino Carrara is both pure white in the background. Both stones worktops have a white colour that is marked with grey veins which splashbacks for kitchen. The natural stone is categorized as re-crystallized limestone, and it goes a perfect traditional and modern look. Bianco Carrara is purely white marble excavated in Carrara, and this white marble comes in white and grey. It is best suitable for interior walls, sculptures, capping other designs. It has a variety of finishes, along with the honed, polished, and tumbled finish. If the natural stone and marble combine and invite treat with fantasy architecture. This can be used for decorative stones and marbles; we bring stones of a dream to existence. you can check the kitchen worktops near me.


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Composition of Marble

It primarily consists of calcite, clay minerals, mica, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite in its composition. The recrystallization of calcite in limestone forms a rock with interlocking calcite crystals. A related rock called the dolomite marble is formed when the dolostone is exposed to heat and pressure. Recrystallization of the rock changes the texture of the rock. It is a light coloured rock formed from limestone. There are different types of marble depending on the nature of the impurity. Marble with impurities can appear bluish, gray, pink, yellow, or black in colour. A pure calcite marble is white, whereas hematite is red, one withlimoniteis yellow, and serpentine is green.

Natural characteristics of Marble worktop

Kitchen worktops made out of it are heat resistant; they not only look good but are durable too. It is a porous stone; therefore, proper sealing is recommended to avoid the problem of staining or absorption of liquids on black marble or white marble worktops. The stunning stone is masked by this property although sealers are available to prevent any damage. Natural forces like snow, rain, wind, and pollutants may have an effect on the appearance and reliability of the natural stone.  The real marble stone is adored over the engineered stone for the unique pattern and veining for the marble effect are not precisely imitated by man-made slabs.

Maintenance of Marble Worktop

The polish of the surface can be restored and maintained to a substantial degree using polishing powder and buffing pads. Wiping the marble worktops of the natural material with warm water and the pH-neutral solution is a recommended practice to immediately and quickly destain the Kitchen worktops in case of spills of liquids like Red wine, oil, or deeply pigmented food. Avoid chopping on the marble counter and use board especially when dealing with acidic foods like lemon juice which causes etching of the marble slabs.

Installation :

We help homeowners to get quotes for Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom fabrication & installations for any selected product from our registered KBB network of fabricators who have the experience of installation and knowledge of the product to give the best results. Our KBB network can offer planning, designing, and implementation of the design that perfectly suits to create your dream home.

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