Carrara Venatino Marble



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Carrara Venatino Marble 


The white and sky blue marble also available in grey has got beautiful veins that spread all over, veins meet each other in short lengths, curves, triangles, swirls, etc. The sky blue background of the slab or grey background of the slab is highlighted by its thick grey veins. The cool-looking stone can make a versatile appeal and a contemporary design in your interiors. It is a home marble because it gives kitchens and bathrooms chic. If you want to be proud of how good your bedroom and living look, Carrara Venatino is advised.

Carrara Venatino is gaining fame so fast in the market for its design and also for its characters. Make countertops, exterior applications, flooring applications even in freezing conditions, walls, and backsplashes. Polishing the surfaces is the ideal finish because it can highlight the Stone’s natural color. Equally, this marble makes commercial countertops, walls, floors, and exterior usage.