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Cream Aria is a beige marble with the lot of creamy effects. The Iranian stone picks on white images and hues on its surface and its images look good with the background beige taking on a greener or grey tint to it. There are small crack marks and dotted pit marks that reveal an orange inside. The marble which is highly suggested for lavish countertops looks better with surface finishes. The countertops are suggested to be Honed, framing the sinks made with it with satin nickel. The variety slabs for the kitchen or for the dining have been nicknamed as butler and pantry countertops. If you try giving this marble to the kitchen give it a larger applications that the variety looks so good with matching splash walls. As it is with every natural stone, they may vary in  physical looks with which more construction possibility happen. Because at it looks in its quarried raw form you will take it for a good building stone which is true and as it reveals its characteristics with its ornamental ability you can consider them for interior exterior wall and floor applications. As the visual treat is better on an extended kitchen surface, the same impression can be experienced on walls, spacious floors and extended walls. With the greyish beige background the monuments, wall caps and pavements will suit naturally. Leave your exterior applications of this marble with the sawing, rock faced, sandblasted and tumbled finishes.

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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