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Crema Bramos Limestone is used to signify a creamy or light beige-coloured sort of limestone. A sedimentary rock predominantly composed of calcium carbonate, limestone may display an array of tones determined by the minerals and impurities present during its formation. It's fantastic speckling, which gives the surface a creative look. Bramos Crema Limestone, in general, is a solid and durable stone. It works well for various interior and outdoor applications due to its reasonable potential to endure wear and tear. Its cosy and graceful appearance makes it an appealing choice for many architectural and aesthetic applications. Every kind of living space will be complemented by the timeless appeal offered by this beige Limestone.

Applications: Crema Limestone can be used for indoor and outdoor architectural components in commercial and residential environments, incorporating flooring, countertops, wall cladding, and numerous others.
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