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The alluringly black granite known as Indian Jet Black adds depth and sophistication to any setting. It has a smooth, sleek appearance with subtle white sparks thanks to the polished surface. Because the pattern varies throughout the surface, the granite's uniformity is not seen.

For creating floors, black granite is ideal. Using it for flooring projects inside and outside is also suggested. Indian Jet Black is also known as Jet Black and Nero Indian Jet and is mined in India. This process of veining, swirling and crystallisation, as well as a beautiful natural palette of colours are formed under intense heat and pressure under the earth. Unlike marbles, granite worktops require easy and low cost care practices. Since granite is a natural stone and the colour of it is determined by nature, it does not typically come in uniform colours. Resultantly, the Indian Jet Black Granite may exhibit variations in hues and patterns from one slab to the next. Natural stone like granite enhances the beauty and elegance of any living area.

Suitable Application: kitchen worktops, splashbacks, bathroom vanity, sinks, basins, interior wall cladding, office worktops, reception desks, bar tops, indoor flooring projects, etc.

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The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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Composition of Granite

Granite is a coarse-grained, light-coloured igneous rock composed of feldspars and quartz with minor quantities of mica and amphibole minerals. Taking a closer look at the mineral composition is focused on understanding the pattern and colour of the slabs. Feldspar is abundantly found in granite, they constitute pink, grey, or reddish pigments. Quartz is a colourless, transparent mineral. Mica has muscovite and biotite of the mica mineral family sheds a reflective vitreous luster. Amphibole mineral-like hornblende is dark in colour and has a prismatic appearance. Special names are given according to their grain sizes. The large-grained crystals are called pegmatite, and the fine-grained from crystallizing is termed Aplite.

Maintenance for your Granite worktop

Avoid using string and harmful chemicals, acid-based cleaners, or corrosive scrubs. Using Mild Soap liquid or pH neutral cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth can get your kitchen or any granite surface to keep looking attractive, & last longer.

The sealant added to the granite gives the more reliable performance of keeping the spillage during cooking from being absorbed into the grains. An immediate wiping is recommended to prolong the life of the granite worktop. Discoloration and marks are a threat to the granite if the chopping board is not in place. Carelessness can make the sturdy stone chipping or stain resistant which could deteriorate a beautiful centerpiece of a Kitchen.

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