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Ivory Fantasy features a background with shades of eggshell and vanilla hues topped with reddish-brown accents, evoking the rich character and personality. From a distance, ivory fantasy appears to be a primarily off white stone with a touch of faint pink and appears less homogeneous. Upon getting closer, it becomes clear that there is a complex combination of mineral deposits that give this stone its heavy grained pattern.

The pink tone varies in colour as well, with some areas appearing pretty nearly brown and others, saturated peach.

Ivory fantasy granite will not change much depending on the light, making it suitable for use in rooms that have access to a lot of natural light as well as those that don't.

This uniquely natural, ageless stone will invite grace and beauty to any area it is incorporated. Whether you want to renovate a kitchen, bathroom, or any exterior, Ivory Fantasy Granite will surely increase the worth. 



Stone: Ivory Fantasy Granite

Core Material: Granite

Nature: Natural Stone

Origin: India

Colour: Beige, Ivory

Uses: Indoors and Outdoors

Pattern: Cloudy



Ivory Fantasy is generally available in classic, glossy polished finish and velvety, leather finish. Besides this they can be personalised to be honed and flamed.

Suitable Applications: Kitchen sink units, breakfast bars, kitchen islands, other kitchen worksurfaces, countertops for bathrooms, vanities, shower walls, wall claddings, architectural purposes, bathroom facades, granite flooring, commercial projects, etc.



Desirable Qualities of Ivory Fantasy Granite:

  • Extremely durable: 

Stone worktops, especially those composed of granites are extremely durable and will last for generations to come, given basic maintenance is followed.

  • Naturally resistant to staining and scratching: Insignificant presence of calcium in granite ensures that there is very little reactivity to acid unlike marble worktops. As a result, granite worktops do not etch when kitchen ingredients with acidic content, like fruit juices, vinegars, lemons etc spill on it.

  • Unique appearance:

Because granite is a natural stone, each block has its own distinct beauty, with varying designs, shapes, patterns, colours, and gradients emerging. As a result, it is advised that you select the stone of your desire for your project in person and not on the basis of a sample or image online.

  • Affordable Luxury:

You most likely envision a kitchen with granite worktops when you think of gorgeous and lavish kitchens.  Many people believe granite is highly pricey because it appears so luxurious. Their stylish appearance can drastically enhance the look and feel of the kitchen. However, they are not as expensive as they look and make practical solutions for homeowners.

  • Increases your resale value:

Granite has been able to maintain its momentum in the market amongst customers these past few decades. Its ability to offer the true beauty of natural stone with its exceptional and often exotic appearance, along with durability and toughness made this stone worktop a favourite amongst homeowners. Any space you use it in will increase its resale worth. So, it is very advantageous for homeowners looking to renovate their homes for a selling purpose.


Design Guidance:

  • Avoid Pairing with Heavy Patterns: With the intense graining of Ivory Fantasy Granite, it is usually not suggested to use this stone for kitchen worktops and other countertops in rooms with intensively patterned designs like wallpapers, mosaic or patterned tiles.


  • Add sophistication with Whites: Ivory Fantasy Granite with cream cabinets is one of the modest combinations when paired. The natural tones of this white kitchen worktop wonderfully compliment the light and bright cabinetry. It gives the room a really sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere ( perfect for homeowners that have stressful lives).

  • Wood is Good Too: Pairing Ivory Fantasy with light wooden cabinets adds an aura of a natural feeling to the area. The cabinets draw attention to the streaks of pink and brown in the stone. Not only does it look elegant but feels cosy too.

  • Create Contrast: The Fantasy Granite worktop gets highlighted well when paired with any dark or black kitchen cabinets. The dark cabinets and beige worktops create an interesting contrast allowing their respective features to pop out.  It's the presence of pigmented minerals in ivory fantasy that bonds the cabinets and counters. Despite their clashing colours, they look great in a dark kitchen.

Colonial Cream Granite and Colonial Gold Granite are equally stunning stones. If you liked this one, you might be pleased to check them out too!

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Composition of Granite

Granite is a coarse-grained, light-coloured igneous rock composed of feldspars and quartz with minor quantities of mica and amphibole minerals. Taking a closer look at the mineral composition is focused on understanding the pattern and colour of the slabs. Feldspar is abundantly found in granite, they constitute pink, grey, or reddish pigments. Quartz is a colourless, transparent mineral. Mica has muscovite and biotite of the mica mineral family sheds a reflective vitreous luster. Amphibole mineral-like hornblende is dark in colour and has a prismatic appearance. Special names are given according to their grain sizes. The large-grained crystals are called pegmatite, and the fine-grained from crystallizing is termed Aplite.

Maintenance for your Granite worktop

Avoid using string and harmful chemicals, acid-based cleaners, or corrosive scrubs. Using Mild Soap liquid or pH neutral cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth can get your kitchen or any granite surface to keep looking attractive, & last longer.

The sealant added to the granite gives the more reliable performance of keeping the spillage during cooking from being absorbed into the grains. An immediate wiping is recommended to prolong the life of the granite worktop. Discoloration and marks are a threat to the granite if the chopping board is not in place. Carelessness can make the sturdy stone chipping or stain resistant which could deteriorate a beautiful centerpiece of a Kitchen.

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