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Stone: Ivory Fantasy Granite

Core Material: Granite

Nature: Natural Stone

Origin: India

Colour: Beige, Ivory

Uses: Indoors and Outdoors

Pattern: Cloudy

Ivory Fantasy features a background with shades of eggshell and vanilla hues topped with cream-grey accents, evoking the rich character and personality. From a distance, Ivory fantasy appears to be a primarily off white stone with a touch of faint pink and appears less homogeneous. Upon getting closer, it becomes clear that there is a complex combination of mineral deposits that give this stone its heavy grained pattern. The pink tone varies in colour as well, with some areas appearing pretty nearly brown and others, saturated peach. Ivory fantasy granite will not change much depending on the light, making it suitable for use in rooms that have access to a lot of natural light as well as those that don't. This uniquely natural, ageless stone will invite grace and beauty to any area it is incorporated. Whether you want to renovate a kitchen, bathroom, or any exterior, Ivory Fantasy Granite will surely increase the worth. 

Suitable Applications: Kitchen sink units, breakfast bars, kitchen islands, other kitchen work surfaces, countertops for bathrooms, vanities, shower walls, wall claddings, architectural purposes, bathroom facades, granite flooring, commercial projects, etc.

 Desirable Qualities of Ivory Fantasy Granite:

Extremely durable

Unique appearance

Affordable Luxury

Increases your resale value

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