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Kilkenny Super Anzano Limestone is a widely recognised and highly prized limestone originating in Ireland's County Kilkenny. The grey compacted crinoid limestone is known for its hardness and longevity, so it's fit for various uses. It possesses white fossils, uneven tiny or white veins, and concentrations scattered over the surface. Because of its weather resistance, it can tolerate severe outside environments. It may be cleaned in an array of approaches to achieve the necessary aesthetic and functional properties. Popular finishes with a characteristic appearance and feel anzano textured surfaces.
Applications: Often employed inside as well as outside. Typical applications include flooring, wall cladding, countertops, fireplace surrounds, monuments, sculptures, and landscaping features. It is the go-to material for pavement, cladding, and landscaping projects owing to its attractive look, durability, and popularity with architects, designers, and homeowners.
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