Marble Effect Work Surface and Upstands for Kitchen

Let's start with the fundamentals. Kitchen counters are instant warriors in your cooking battles. They must defend against stains, scorching heat, wine spills, kid's litter, splashing oils and many more. It is always smart to think ahead and take preventive measures beforehand. An upstand or backsplash is the right way to protect your walls from such turmoils. This might fail in your instant kitchens. To refrain from these disturbances, ask your experts to visit your kitchens for templates. By gathering every inch of your kitchen, the fabricators could install a Marble effect worktop with maximum accuracy. Upstands are the countertops extended halfway up to the wall to fortify the oils and spills. Marble effect worktops are pure and blissful to watch; they have a sheen surface that reflects optimal light when you light your chandeliers. Also, Marble effect worktops offer a cost-effective alternative to genuine Marble, providing the same luxurious aesthetic appeal while often being more durable, easier to maintain, and less susceptible to staining, making them a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom applications. They blend well with grey, blue, aqua blue and other varieties of shades too.