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Molianos Original Limestone, a magnificent natural stone from Portugal, is mined there. It is renowned for its remarkable quality, robustness, and exquisite appearance. It features a variety of hues, including different beige, cream, and brown tones, which enhance any environment with a calming and welcoming feel. Each slab has a unique personality because of the natural colour difference, which distinguishes it from other slabs.

Molianos Original Limestone requires routine maintenance to maintain its beauty and longevity because of its adaptability and resilience. Sealing the stone is advised to avoid stains and make cleaning simpler. Routine washing with gentle, pH-neutral cleaners is also recommended to preserve its natural lustre. Molianos Original Limestone complements all design styles, from rustic to classic to contemporary and trendy.

Uses: It can be used for flooring, wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, and countertops, as well as internal and exterior uses. Any surface that the stone adorns gains a tactile element from the stone's natural roughness, making the space more appealing and tactile.
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