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Nero Assoluto Antique is a Zimbabwean natural granite stone. Granite, an igneous rock,  is extremely hard. This is why Nero Assoluto has been in use in sectors that demand higher resistance like paving and construction for decades. Absolute Black is a wonderful uniform black stone with only a few relatively insignificant speckles distributed over the surface. It is available in regular sizes with a polished or honed finish and is a popular kitchen worktop material.

Desirable Qualities: Granite is a good choice for kitchens since it is scratch resistant. Dark granite is nonporous, but light granite must be sealed. Light granite worktops are factory sealed. Granite is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also has desirable properties such as heat resistance, durability, scratch and chip resistance, and adds value wherever it is used. A pad or trivet should still be placed between the worktop and the hot object rather than allowing direct contact. An elegant Antique finish will be a great choice for this traditional Black worktop. 

Uses: Granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. A few to name include the construction of buildings, bridges, pavements, sculptures, and a variety of other exterior projects. Indoor uses of slabs and tiles include kitchen countertops, tile floors, stair treads, bathroom worktops, backsplashes, and a variety of other design elements indoors. Granite is a luxury material that is used in projects to create sophistication and quality.

Quotation: You may use our Worktops  Cost Calculator to get a rough estimate for your required budget. Otherwise, you may simply click on the get a quote button displayed under the stone on our website’s  Stone Collections page or email us directly at The cost that gets displayed will be excluding charges for template and installation, hence must be expected during the actual quotation. Also, the automated calculator will provide just an approximate idea. The price could be higher or lower depending on the offers, stone colour and other personalised preferences. 


Nero Assoluto Granite worktops will retain their lustre and beauty for years to come with little effort. To help them look their best, simply use warm water and a small amount of mild detergent soaked in a soft cloth to wipe regularly. However, using specialised stone care products for cleaning will make things easier and keep the glossiness intact. Sealing is required for light coloured granite surfaces. Dark granites do not.   

Granite, like any other surface, can be irreparably damaged if exposed to strong chemicals and solvents that can harm its physical properties. Never clean your granite worktop or any granite surface solutions containing dichloromethane, methylene chloride, or cleaning agents with high alkaline/pH levels, such as oven/grill cleaners and dishwasher polishing agents (pH 8.5 or higher). Oils or powders spilt on the surface must be immediately washed off as leaving them unattended may leave a residue and stain them.

If your surface is accidentally exposed to any of these destructive products, immediately rinse it with clean water to neutralise the effect. If your granite worktop becomes discoloured, use certified natural stone stain removers like poultices for corrections. 


Material Name: Nero Assoluto Granite

Prominent Colour: Black

Nature: Natural Stone

Quarry location: Zimbabwe

Hardness: 7 in Mohs scale

Popular thickness: 20mm and 30mm slabs

Application: Indoors and outdoors

Synonymous names: Absolute Black, Premium Black, Supreme Black

Transport charge will be discussed separately.

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Composition of Granite

Granite is a coarse-grained, light-coloured igneous rock composed of feldspars and quartz with minor quantities of mica and amphibole minerals. Taking a closer look at the mineral composition is focused on understanding the pattern and colour of the slabs. Feldspar is abundantly found in granite, they constitute pink, grey, or reddish pigments. Quartz is a colourless, transparent mineral. Mica has muscovite and biotite of the mica mineral family sheds a reflective vitreous luster. Amphibole mineral-like hornblende is dark in colour and has a prismatic appearance. Special names are given according to their grain sizes. The large-grained crystals are called pegmatite, and the fine-grained from crystallizing is termed Aplite.

Maintenance for your Granite worktop

Avoid using string and harmful chemicals, acid-based cleaners, or corrosive scrubs. Using Mild Soap liquid or pH neutral cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth can get your kitchen or any granite surface to keep looking attractive, & last longer.

The sealant added to the granite gives the more reliable performance of keeping the spillage during cooking from being absorbed into the grains. An immediate wiping is recommended to prolong the life of the granite worktop. Discoloration and marks are a threat to the granite if the chopping board is not in place. Carelessness can make the sturdy stone chipping or stain resistant which could deteriorate a beautiful centerpiece of a Kitchen.

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