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Ocean Black Slate is an extremely durable Slate Stone. Their amazing black slate stone with a clouded pattern. It is not completely black, but its dingy black slate can be an extraordinary choice for commercial, residential, and industrialized projects. The Ocean Black Slate is a natural stone comprising up to 95% of the slate's composition and comprises quartz, illite, and chlorite. These elements add a sturdy base to every Slate stone, making them resilient for kitchens, bathrooms, and other surface coverings. When imposed as kitchen countertops, they will most likely eliminate chips, cracks, scratches, etc. Ocean black slate can be desirable for kitchen worktops as they resist heat to a certain extent, and hot bowels and pans won't cause significant damage to the worktops. Even though Ocean Black Slate is heat resistant, we suggest everyone uses trivets and coasters for functional and hygienic purposes. These are naturally formed stones that resist scratches and moisture, and their polished surface finish adds a sheen to the surface. Available in 20MM Thicknesses. 

Uses: Ocean Black Slate can be used for Kitchens, bathrooms, indoor and outdoor floorings, billiards tables, gardens patios, driveways, pool decks, stairs, sidewalks, floating stairs, Television units, etc. 

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