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Pacific White Quartz is a pure, unaltered white quartz stone with no distinct patterns or motifs that make the surface gleam and give a characteristic sheen. This patternless feature makes them peculiar and unique. This super glitzy stone will reflect a small amount of white light, most likely with a polished finish. It is engineered manually with quartz minerals and resins. The stones are resilient, long-lasting, and durable and show little resistance to water and temperature. One must clean this Pacific white Quartz using a soft, non-abrasive, and non-acidic soap liquid to seal the surface's gloominess. Comes in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses and befits commercial and residential interiors.

Uses: Applicable for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, mudrooms, countertops, worktops, upstands, backsplashes, window sills, near sinks, dining tops, double sinks, vanity tops, and many other surfaces.

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