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Sequenced Patagonia Gris Quartz features myriad intense, sleek dark and grey veins. The natural mineral quartz is bonded with almost the residual epoxy. With its unparalleled beauty, Gris Quartz can widen even a kitchenette workspace, seeking to make it just a great snippet of materials for your kitchen areas. White undertones embellish the clean surface, whereas grey adds a modest scene to such hues. Upon installation, Patagonia Gris Quartz would catch everyone's attention. This quartz's peculiar wide and narrow interwoven dark and grey veins seem to be the right choice for admiration because they'll yield the most effective outcomes throughout all styles. Picturesque material is suitable for different dwelling decor projects and as resilient as natural materials with modest maintenance. The sizes of 3200mm long, 1600mm wide, 20mm and 30mm thick, and a perfectly polished finish recognise the magnificence of the stone.

Uses: Used as worktops in the bathroom and kitchen, as splashbacks and islands in kitchens, and also for closet doors, entryways, window frames, and certain other applications.

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The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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