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Silver Waves Granite is an astonishing dark grey Granite stone with unique ripple-like wavy veins that range from silverish, light grey to white. It also has scintillating sparkles here and there, adding more lux for the tops. Silver Wave Granite illuminates when the soft rim light hits them. The stones are formed naturally, and their characteristic wavy patterns are due to the deposition of minerals. Silver Granite is formed from quartz, microcline, mica, feldspar, and other mineral compositions. One can use these stones indoors and outdoors for their teary and weary nature. They are also a prime choice for standard and hard-wearing cooktops as they resist heat, moisture, stains, and creases. 30MM thickened granite stone for high-end interiors. 

Uses: Silver Waves Granite is an elegant dark grey granite with scintillating silverish veins. Appropriate for kitchens, bathrooms, upstands, splashbacks, window sills, near the sinks, vanity tops, focal walls, accent walls, fire hearths, worktables, coffee tables, and many other surfaces. 

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