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Star Galaxy Granite The Star Galaxy granite, also referred to as Ongole Galaxy and Black Galaxy, is a quarried stone from India. On a dark background, the Star Galaxy granite has golden flecks. Due to the minerals' high ferrous content, the gold speckles are visible. The appearance of Star Galaxy Granite looks like a starry night sky when observed from near. Dark granite colours are frequently used to design kitchen countertops. It is also advised for flooring projects both inside and outside. Natural stone, like granite, does not typically come in uniform colours because nature determines the granite's colour. As a result, the Star Galaxy Granite may exhibit variations in its colours and patterns from slab to slab. Natural stone like granite gives any living space charm and elegance. Granites are created when magma deep within the earth slowly crystallises. Natural quartz and feldspar make up the majority of its makeup, with trace amounts of organic minerals like mica and amphiboles. Under extremely high heat and pressure, deep within the earth, this process of decorative patterns, swirling, and crystallisation, as well as a lovely natural palette of colours, are created. Granite worktops require simple and inexpensive maintenance procedures as opposed to marble. Because natural stone doesn't contain any chemicals, it can be used in both hot and cold climates. Due to its stain resistance, low water absorption, and excellent corrosion resistance by acidic liquids, Star Galaxy Granite is an extremely desirable natural stone for kitchen counters. Any space with a polished finish simply happens to have an easy and affordable maintenance routine that gives it a touch of elegance. Granite slabs are typically finished with techniques like leather, flamed, brushed, polished, honed, and sandblasted finish to define their texture. This same granite is available in polished finish and 20mm thickness. The polished finish of the granite highlights the radiance and lustre of the flat surface, giving the granite slab a distinctive and alluring appearance.

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