Stones of  Portugal

Stones of Portugal Episode-4

Specimens produced in Iberian Peninsula- Cassiterite, Topaz, Galena, and Stannite 

Stones of  Portugal


Cassiterite with quartz, fluorapatite and arsenopyrite: It’s a group of Cassiterite crystals which are sharp, shiny and translucent on the edges. Fluorapatite crystals of almost white colour, aggregates of arsenopyrite crystals and quartz crystals found. 

Cassiterite with quartz: Double Cassiterite crystals with fine faces and edges that are translucent, bright with a brown reddish reflection. 


Topaz with Chlorite, Muscovite, Pyrite, fluorapatite and Siderite: Irregular aggregates of Topaz crystals with fine faces are colourless bright with Chlorite, Muscovite, fluorapatite, Siderite and Pyrite. 

Topaz with Arsenopyrite, fluorite, Muscovite and Chlorite: Topaz crystals with good faces and edges between transparent and translucent characters. Arsenopyrite crystals in a slightly bluish colour with small fluorite crystals and leafy Muscovite aggregates are found. 

Topaz with Arsenopyrite, Muscovite and Quartz: Flattened topaz crystals one of them clearly dominant that are white and they are on a quartz and arsenopyrite mass coated by Chlorite with small Muscovite aggregates. 


Stones of  Portugal

Galena with Pyrite and Calcite: Aggregate of bright cubo octahedral like crystals well developed for a large size. They are with small Calcite crystals with Chalcopyrite.


Fluorapatite with Siderite, Quartz, Stannite and Arsenopyrite. Tabular fluorapatite crystals which are translucent with Arsenopyrite inclusions, Quartz, Siderite and Stannite crystals.

Arsenopyrite with Stannite, Calcite and Pyrite: Parallel polycrystalline Arsenopyrite growths with dark grey Stannite inter growths with leafy Muscovite aggregates coated by small white Calcite crystals and aggregates of cubic Pyrite crystals.

Quartz with Siderite, Stannite, Chalcopyrite and Pyrite: Transparent quartz crystal coated by very pale Siderite crystals and dark sphalerite aggregates with small Chalcopyrite, Stannite and Pyrite crystals.

The above described mineral specimen of various combinations of minerals are abundantly, rarely, usually, generally found in the mines of Minas da Panasqueira, Aldeia de São Francisco de Assis, Covilhã Castelo Branco,  Cova da Beira in Centro Portugal. Fabre minerals for high quality mineral specimens has been bringing the above mentioned selected collectible minerals since 1971. They have a virtual sales platform on which you can view the specimens and place orders accordingly.