Brown Granite Kitchen Worktops are the most popular colour choices for a timeless classic approach design to kitchens. Types of Brown Granite in vary and have a huge collection of Brown Granite Kitchen Worktops, as you can see. Our collections range from the lightest brown shade to the deepest brown tints. Some people like solid brown colours, whereas others want a mixture of patterns and other hues. Our Brown Granite Kitchen Worktops collection will give homeowners a chance to create magic in their kitchens and other spaces of home with magnificent alterations of brown. We have types to suit all personalities. Learn More

How Much Is Brown Granite Price?

Our clusters of Brown Granites are for buyers expecting kitchen and bathroom worktops or vanities coming under all budgets and ranges because we have plenty of choices for every budget.

Know The Brown Granite Price From This Section

Some varieties like Fantasy Brown Granite, Black Waves Granite, Tan Brown Alligator Granite, Baltic Brown Granite, and a few others are available at less than £300 per sq metre, which is highly affordable. So, if you are looking for quality kitchen worktops within your expectation because of your restrained budget, don’t worry. has got you covered.

Suppose you have some savings done for your kitchen renovation project. In that case, we suggest you go with varieties like Sapphire Brown Granite, Juparana Bordeaux Granite, Flash Blue / Brown Granite, or a pinkish brown like Colombo Juparana Granite.

The Brown Granite Price per square metre makes your wallet and heart happy. The ones like Tierra Bianco Bookmatch Granite and Austral Coffee Granite are for you if you want to invest without restraints for your Brown Granite Kitchen Worktops Project.

Brown Granite For Kitchen

Brown Granite For Kitchen is a unique choice for cooking spaces, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The durability of granite ensures that these worktops can withstand the rigours of daily kitchen chores, from meal preparation to hosting gatherings.

Beyond its sturdiness, Brown Granite For Kitchen offers diverse patterns and shades, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen decor. Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, brown granite complements various design elements, from cabinetry to flooring. Its natural beauty also makes each worktop unique, adding a touch of posh to your culinary space.

In addition to its striking appearance, Brown Granite For Kitchens are highly resistant to scratches and hot temperature, making them a practical choice for busy kitchens.

Brown Tile For Bathroom For Floors

Brown Tile For Bathroom Floors will resist dark stains, which is why they are very popular for floors, walls, vanities, sinks, shower trays, and guest rooms, as well as easy to clean and maintain. This ensures that your bathroom or kitchen remains functional and visually pleasing.

Elevate your cooking area with the timeless allure of Brown Granite, creating a harmonious blend of style and utility. Brown Tile For Bathroom Floors is a real fortune; Get A Free Quote.

Granite Cost Calculator

Use this Work-Top Cost Calculator to estimate your kitchen remodelling budget and give you a rough idea of your expenses. However, just an estimated idea giver, the actual Granite Cost may be either less or more depending on factors like your customisations, offer percentages, etc.

Brown Kitchen Worktops Finishing

We offer different types of surface finishes for Brown Granite Kitchen Worktops apart from the standard,

  • Polished finish,

  • Leathered Finish,

  • Honed Finish, and

  • Flamed Finish.

Honed Finish Brown Granite

The popularly demanded ones are honed finish, also called a matte finish by some. Matte Brown Granite is suitable for classic or vintage theme kitchens.

Polished Brown Granite

This is for those homeowners aiming to achieve a modern-style kitchen design.

Leathered Finish Brown Granite

This type of finish gives your Brown Granite slab a textured surface with a soft sheen but less shine than in a polished finish. Although it is more popular for outdoor surfaces, it can create a striking feature when given to country-style kitchens or traditional kitchens.

Uses Of Brown Granite

Brown Granite can be used on Kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, splashbacks, flooring surfaces, walls, sinks, basins, bathroom vanity, shower trays, shower areas, outdoor kitchens, patios, and sills.

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