Stone recycling

What is Stone Recycling's greatest economic & environmental benefit?

Sammy Chris

The Virtual Stone Warehouse has presented a reliable platform for buyers and suppliers involved in the stone business. Advocating the cause of the stone industry, the firm has designed its motives to reduce the number of stone materials in landfills and dumpsites, to reuse the slabs that have been quarried and to recycle the unused blocks left behind after construction.

The recycling of surplus stone materials is a subject that has up till now remained untouched. The innovative idea of reusing the surplus chunks and blocks that pile up after quarrying, after manufacturing and after construction has set up a wide market for alternative uses. From decorative settings to substitute materials for building assembly, off-cuts and other reusable materials come in handy. The utilization of such materials also helps in the decreased consumption of natural resources.

The state that the globe is in today rests completely on our shoulders. Our irresponsible ways of living have greatly impacted the habitat that helps the planet sustain life. Moreover, we have been blinded by our quest for development, so much so, that we have ignored the wide pool of opportunities spread out before us. It is high time we opened our eyes and feasted on the potential progress that we are turning a blind eye to.

In every choice you make, big or small, turn to the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ way of living.  

By Hepziline Mabel & The Virtual Stone Warehouse Team