Stones of Spain Episode 4: Spanish Stone Industry


Stones of Spain Episode 4: Spanish Stone Industry

Sammy Chris

A look at the Spanish natural stone industry: (Spanish Stonehenge) There are more than 1000 companies devoted to working with marble, granite and slate in Spain, along with almost 700 quarries for materials. Today the Spanish natural stone industry, which is basically founded on the extraction of natural stone and its transformation...

Episode 3: Assorted spanish stones

Sammy Chris

Alpedrete Monzogranite A nomination for the Global Heritage stone resource. It is quarried in the Sierra de Guadarrama foothills, the province of Madrid. This is the best granite in Spain. (Alpedrete Monzogranite - Granite of Spain) Zarzalejo Monzogranite It is a stone with excellent petrophysical properties and has proven durability. This granite...

Natural Stones of Spain Episode 2: Durability & Usage

Kevin Moses

Episode 2: Durability & Usage Stone Durability According to Bell (1993), the durability of a building stone is a measure of its ability to resist weathering and therefore retain its original size, shape and strength and appearance over an extensive period of time. As-built heritage materials resist decay differently, special...

Stones of Canada Ep: 5 

Venu Gopal

Minerals of Canada Diamonds  Diamonds are best known as gemstones, even though only 20% of the world's production by weight is used for jewelry. The other 80%, known as bort, is used in industrial and research applications where the unique properties of diamonds are required. In 2018, Canada was the...