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30mm Kitchen Worktops

30mm Kitchen Worktops, 20mm kitchen worktops, and 12mm thickness are vital in your counter surface holding. If you're a generous person trying to showcase your overhanging breakfast bar, 30mm Kitchen Worktops are the best picks. They can actually hold your Heavy-bottomed tables and seal the appealing look forever. Everyone Buckle up because the blog is getting interesting!! Learn More

30mm Slab Will Save Your Worktops Weight

But when picking a material for your kitchen countertop, go with something strong-lasting because it will be under a lot of weight and pressure from heavy appliances, sinks, and hobs. Kitchen Worktops With a 30mm Thickness can endure any size hob or sink without any problems because they are more robust, tougher, and lasting than worktops with a 20mm thickness. In contrast, Onyx Slabs are trimmed thinner to have visible transparency so that the built-in backlights glow without restrictions.

There are a lot of factors on which the choice of thicknesses depends. Every thickness of stone slab is useful in some way or the other.

Does Kitchen Worktop Thickness Really Matter?

A kitchen worktop should be constructed with a durable surface material because they are subjected to daily intensive use. Since they are also among the most useful kitchen appliances, they are easily noticed by onlookers, so keeping your kitchens nice to dice is pivotal.

Buying kitchen worktops must be your priority when reshaping your cooking station. The cost of kitchen countertops varies, but in any case, they still are a one-worth investment needed for longer years.

This will hit your senses hard. To do this, you must refrain from making snap selections regarding the kitchen worktops you buy. Regardless of whether you're looking for a thickness of 30 mm or more, a substance like Quartz or Granite, you must conduct some research by yourself because you do not want to lament over a huge investment that turns to the things that you don't like, or even worst, something that doesn't last long.

Differences Between 20mm And 30mm Stone Slabs

  • 30mm kitchen worktops are more resilient to pressure.

  • Worktops with a thickness of 30 mm appear chunkier and are better suited for traditional themes.

  • 20mm worktops provide a sleek appearance that is more appropriate for modern, contemporary kitchen themes.

  • Splashbacks, wall tiles, and other vertical applications work best with 20mm stone slabs.

  • For flooring, kitchen worktops, and sinks, 30mm slabs work well.

Do Work-Tops Have 30mm Stone Slabs?

Yes, we have many materials available in our collection for 30mm thickness. If you prefer a sleek and elegant look for your home, we have got you covered because we have several material options for you in Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, and Travertine.

Check out some of these stones you might love under this thickness range.

We have a lot more; if you are looking for one, email your need to .

Why Are 30mm And 20mm Worktops Not The Same Price?

The price difference between 20mm kitchen worktops and 30mm kitchen worktops is still being determined. Homeowners often have a huge dilemma over the choice due to the price difference, even if it is a little. Since 30mm kitchen worktops have more material than 20mm worktops, it naturally means a little more cost involved.

The price difference between a stone that is 20 mm thick and 30 mm thick is typically 30% since a worktop that is 30 mm thick requires around the same proportion more material than a 20 mm worktop.

When labour and fabrication costs are considered, 30mm kitchen worktops will often cost 15% more than a 20mm worktop overall, which is not a significant difference if you need a specific thickness surface for your project. Many homeowners, architects, real estate developers, and interior designers favoured 20mm worktops since they are less expensive and more modern.

Which Stone For Kitchen, What Option Do We Have?

A kitchen needs surface material for a lot of applications. Kitchen worktops, islands, splashbacks, upstands, windowsills, flooring, wall tiles, breakfast bar, etc. Wouldn't it be great to have a lot of options to choose from? Of course, it would. Everybody has different personalities and, thus, different preferences. If some prefer marble's coolness, others prefer quartz's gloss. If some prefer the grained pattern of granite, others prefer the metallic flecks of terrazzo. So, to give our homeowners the best buying experience, Work-tops offers a wide range of choices in materials with 30mm thickness. Our materials include

  1. Granite

  2. Limestone

  3. Marble

  4. Obsidiana

  5. Quartz

  6. Quartzite

  7. Slate

Kitchen Worktop Installation

Get A Free Quote by clicking the link. Order for 30mm Kitchen Worktops, including your inquiries like your preferred stone, the thickness of the worktop, your preferred edge style, and the number of sink and hob cut-outs. Before the renovation, please email us at the address above for full guidance on what to do and avoid before installing a template and kitchen worktop.

For a standard-sized British kitchen, our specialists closest to you will finish your "kitchen template to installation" within 14 days or even less, provided no alterations are made after the template is taken.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

  • Can I Install 30mm Worktops Myself, Or Do I Need A Professional Installer?

While some DIY enthusiasts may be able to install 30mm worktops, it's often recommended to hire a professional to ensure a precise and secure installation, especially for heavy materials like stone.

  • Can I Customize The Edge Profile Of My 30mm Worktops?

Yes, you can often customize the edge profile of your 30mm worktops to match your kitchen's style. Popular profiles include bullnose, beveled, ogee, and more.

  • Can I Install An Under-Mount Sink With 30mm Worktops?

Yes, under-mount sinks can be installed with 30mm worktops, but it's crucial to ensure proper support and sealing to prevent water damage.